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App developers must stop making unauthorized use of Google Voice by May 14, 2014

Starting with the launch of the Nexus 5, Hangouts will integrate seamlessly with your SMS messages. That is, unless you're a Google Voice user — always a bridesmaid and never a bride, Google Voice is getting left out in the cold again with the latest Hangouts update. Google has confirmed that you'll only be able to use SMS in Hangouts v2 through your regular carrier number, but rest assured that it plans to bring Google Voice support soon.

The plan is to have Google Voice integrated into Hangouts "by early next year," citing that there are obvious carrier hurdles to making it all work. Additionally, work is being done to bring Google Voice numbers to international users as well as support MMS. While we wish there was a clearer time frame for how quickly Google Voice users can be brought up to speed, we'll never turn down some reassurance that the feature integration is coming.

Going further, Google Voice is going to get notably more secure with changes to the ways third-party apps have access to the service. Developers who currently violate the Google Voice Terms of Service are being notified of the upcoming changes, and have until May 14th, 2014 to remove the offending apps or transition users to a new system.

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Google Voice won't be integrated into latest Hangouts update, but it's coming


Will hangouts send/receive messages over wi-fi if you have no signal? I'm currently using google voice to remedy lack of signal in my apartment, just having 1 messaging app would be nice.

That actually depends on your carrier. One of my favorite things about T-mobile is the ability to send and receive SMS over WiFi.

But that's through a separate service and app from the carrier on its own phones. SMS in itself is not Wifi-capable, and Google can't just make it happen easily.

its not a app for tmobile its integrated in the phone as in the wifi signal replaces and acts like the reg phone radios

It will send/receive Hangouts messages over WiFi, sure, just like it does now. SMS? No, that's not possible.

How are you using GV to make calls from your phone? I've been trying to figure out how to do that. Thanks

I am using the app GrooVe IP Lite. The lite version allows voice calls, via Google Voice, using WIFI. The paid version of Groove IP allows voice calls via 3G or LTE cellular data. There are several other apps out there too.

It's not perfect. When my phone is in deep sleep, I often will miss a call (takes a while for the rings to come through). Then I just call them right back. But anyway, I still get as many free minutes as I want when I am on WIFI.

I planned on buying the paid version of Groove IP eventually (since I can use LTE with my Nexus 4 on the $30 T-Mobile plan). But since Google is going to putting a stop to this, I probably won't. I just hope they get Voice working through the Hangouts app by that time.

Really? I call bs. I make gv calls with no issues

My S-Pen went through hell to deliver this important message to you

Yes, you can make GVoice calls on Sprint while keeping your regular Sprint number. There is a setting in the GVoice app where you can choose to always use GVoice for calls, or you have have it ask every time you make a call (Menu -> Settings -> Making calls).

I make and receive calls using GV Dialer. It used to be in the Play Store, but Goog had the dev remove it due to misuse of the GV symbol. Amazon has it.

GV Dialer? I think I have heard of that one. I've been using Groove IP, but I'll check Amazon for that one. Thanks.

Posted via Android Central App

GV Dialer is now called Flex Dialer.

It doesn't let you make VOIP calls like GrooVe IP, it just dials your GV number, and inserts the necessary PIN number, pauses and other digits so the outgoing call is routed through your GV number (or a prepaid calling card, or whatever).

I prefer Prefixer from 253° Below. (There are other apps in the Play Store that aren't nearly as powerful, so make sure you use the right one).

It lets me set up complex dialing rules that route pricing calls through two different GV numbers, one for my contacts and another for unknown numbers. The contacts see my personal GV number, which forwards to my cell phone, on Caller ID. Clients and everyone else sees my office GV number, so they get connected to my secretary if they hit redial.

Will this affect GrooveIP? I use it occasionally.

Also, is this only for SMS, or is this addressing voice calls through Hangouts on Android as well?

This is my concern as well....GrooveIP has been an essential app.. In fact its one of the few times i paid for a pro-version of an app....anyone utilizing GV is only experiencing half of it without GrooveIP

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According to the GrooVe IP Facebook page, the developers have not received any request from Google to make changes to their app, and they say they are only using public, documented API's to access Google Voice, so they feel they're safe.

Let's hope so. I use GrooveIP on my tablet, and if Google forces them to pull this without giving us tablet users a way to make calls for free, I'm going to be more than a bit upset.

I just checked the play store for Groove IP and they have a note in the description of the app that says, "On May 15, 2014 Google will no longer allow XMPP based calling through Google Voice. Since GrooVe IP uses that interface, this app will stop functioning on May 15, 2014."

I really don't understand why they are getting rid of the messaging app and just giving us hangouts. Am I missing something? Really don't understand how this will work for N4 users. Once we update to kitkat will hangouts only be available??

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"I really don't understand why they are getting rid of the messaging app and just giving us hangouts."

Because Hangouts will be doing everything that the existing Messaging app does. And more. You don't need two apps that do the same thing built into the stock OS.

If we follow that logic I find it difficult to see why stock 4.3 has a normal email app as well as a Gmail app when Gmail is a Google service.

Posted via my SGS3 waiting on my black Nexus 5 32gb...

GMail is a specific, dedicated service with threaded messaging, etc. As I understand it (because I've wondered the same thing) the coding is a little different. I think that particular reasoning is kind of silly though and suspect that Google does not want to put their Gmail service under the "Email" app, nor do they want other email services under the "Gmail" app.
So basically, marketing.

The email app works with email service providers other than Gmail. It's there in case you want to set it up with your Yahoo or Hotmail or Exchange account. It does things that the Gmail app isn't designed to do. The messaging app does not do anything that the new Hangouts app can't do.

As far as I know, you can use the Email app for Gmail if you want to. I don't remember anything that would prevent it.

You can. It's just a much better and more full-featured experience using the Gmail app than the regular email app for your Gmail account.

You can, and we used to be forced to when the Gmail app didn't support Google Apps accounts or multiple Gmail accounts. But now it's dedicated since it provides functionality that's dramatically different from regular email providers.

There is another?

My S-Pen went through hell to deliver this important message to you

If we follow that logic I find it difficult to see why stock 4.3 has a normal email app as well as a Gmail app when Gmail is a Google service.

Posted via my SGS3 waiting on my black Nexus 5 32gb...

Are you not paying attention? Hangouts will send and receive SMS. Therefore, why would you need the actual messaging app anymore?

And yes, when you get the kit Kat update, the messaging app won't be there anymore. Just pay attention, this has all been laid out for weeks now.

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Weeks? No it hasn't. There has been speculation, but nothing was known for sure until yesterday and today.

The leaks have been ridiculously well-detailed, with teardowns and all sorts of information. At this point the only surprise would have been if this DIDN'T happen.

I have been paying attention.

Hangouts is a Google service that I have never used so integrating SMS into was never a big deal. So o think its odd they are forcing us into using this service as our default messaging app.

Since I have a N4 I didn't know how the switch would take place when upgrading to kit Kat, whereas its built straight into the N5 with no needing to port over messages.

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Your messages will most likely be moved over automatically, I know on the market version there's going to be a way to import your existing messages to Hangouts. They have been awfully light on specifics though.

I would need it because I want no part of Hangouts. I like the simplicity of the messaging app. Hangouts as it stands is unnecessarily flashy for me.

There is a real reason why it is being integrated, development of the current messaging app will die, those that are distributing android/forked android OS's will have to develop their own app unless they join AOSP and follow the guidelines of that group.

In a sense google is taking back Android from the Amazons and china,(in china they primarily use Android but no google apps) Google does all the work and coding but gets nothing back.....nothing back monetarily and nothing contributed back to AOSP.

I would imagine GrooveIP will be on the ToS chopping block. Shame. I use it ocassionally on tablets. But if Hangouts gets the same VoIP dialing as the iOS version has,then there's no concern: Same service without the middleman.

Google voice support? MMS? I'll believe it when I see it.

Posted via my Nexus 6 running 4.5 Lima Bean

That they've even comeout and said it would happen is impressive compared to the usual silence. Expanding access to GV to international users speaks well for the future of the service.

awwwwww.....F**K you, google!!! You just killed the entire 4.4 update for me!! Literally the entire reason I wanted it was for the voice/hangouts integration!! There isn't another single reason I need it, and now there is no reason I want it at all....I've never even used my tmo number one time!!!

You guys are really dropping the ball today!!

Congratulations, you win the award for "Biggest Entitled D-bag of the Day". It's a drag, but get over yourself drama queen.

LMAO so much misinformation. First of all, the Hangouts update is independent of the 4.4 update. READ. If you're so pissed, just disable Hangouts and go about your day.

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Just install CM 10.3 when it comes out. Voice+ solves this... Presuming it'll be upgraded for the new APIs.

If people are still butthurt about Cyanogen Inc, suggest it to OmniRom. They're supposedly going to try to be very responsive to their community. Also, I've heard that Paranoid Android is doing a huge overhaul for v4, maybe they'll add something like it in.

Oh, forgot. If that's "literally the entire reason" you wanted it, SMS will come to the hangouts app on earlier versions soon, and you could use the more stable CM 10.1 or 10.2

Within Hangouts just use the generated google voice number for the particular contact you want to text. That's what I do with the native text app

I comptely agree lightyear420, I only use my GV number and I want to never see the crunchy voice app again! I was hoping and praying for integration with the update but apparently it's never going to be a big'll just happen, you know, some day. :(

Weird, since not a single rumor suggested this was going to happen. Not one. Not sure why you're so upset they didn't unveil something we didn't expect them to.

Will someone please clarify some things for me? I have my number integrated with google voice with Sprint. I love that I can send texts via my phone, computer, and tablet. If I de-integrate from voice, will hangouts control my sms and will I be able to still respond from my tablet or computer?

Don't deintegrate anything, just text like you normally do. Google voice would still benefit us Sprint-Voice users though since it would allow us to send all of our texts over wifi (Like I currently do with Slider Messaging).

Thank you. I will be leaving Sprint once my contract is up and hope there is a solution similar to GV integration because I absolutely love being able to control my texts from a other devices.

Read the Google+ post listed as the reference for this article. Sprint's Voice integration WILL work with Hangouts immediately when V2 comes out.

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No other carrier does the number integration feature you're describing. So the moment you leave Sprint, that'll be lost to you.

Personally, I just switched entirely to my Google Voice number and I don't use my provider's number at all. I don't even remember what it is. So I'm mainly waiting for the Hangouts integration with Voice because the SMS integration won't impact me at all.

We practically had the same question at the same time so I'll delete mine and hope someone has an answer for you lol.

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This post confuses SMS with Telephony. Can't we still place and receive calls through it using GVoice? Like on iPhone??

Posted via Android Central App

I'm talking about Google voice inside hangouts.

Google Voice was integrated into iOS hangouts for sending and receiving calls. Is that not going to be in Android? The article just talks about SMS..

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In the app screenshots there is a phone icon, but that could just be a shortcut to the native dialer. FINGERS CROSSED

Oh well, disappointing, but at least they've officially stated that it is coming. I'd rather they get it right the first time, versus release a half-assed implementation of the integration. I knew there were too many unanswered questions about Google Voice and Hangouts. So I suspected GV wouldn't be integrated at the launch of Hangouts v2.

I will still enjoy my Nexus 5 and just continue to use the GV app for texting until Hangouts is ready to take over that role. Upgrading from my Galaxy Nexus to a Nexus 5 will yield enough of a performance boost to justify the purchase for me.

So we still get to have free texting and not pay Verizon money each complaints here. Proceed as normal.

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OK so let's get this straight
First we get told that Sorry anyone with a less than an N4 is SOL on 4.4. Then to add to that we still haven't gotten our act together with GV and hangouts. But don't you worry, we will be closing down access to it by mid 2014. I wasn't expecting much after 4.4. Sad part is I won't even get there. Now I know what its like to be tinkled on by that kid on the back car window.

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If you've got a Galaxy Nexus or older Nexus, just install the inevitable CyanogenMod or the like to have stockish AOSP 4.4. Someone's will port it.

Another important thing to remember is Google is separating a lot of these changes from Android versions and tying them to the Google Play Services framework. You'll get many of these improvements even with older versions of Android.

Well I hope this works out well for everyone eventually. It just seems that google never can get things just quite right. Either something will not work, or something might work, or it will work eventually if you just stick around for another year. Then, after a year, they will take it away or integrate it with something you might not even want, like google plus. Personally, I'm just going to continue to use carrier texting, which always works, and no google voice, and gmail. Keeping things plain simple. Good luck with all the half-baked stuff you guys.

So what about those of us who are on sprint and our Google voice number and our sprint number are One in the same? When I send messages through the stock messaging app, they also appear in my Google voice app as well. That let's me literally turn my phone off, log into voice on a pc and text from my sprint number. I'm assuming I'll still be able to switch to hangouts full time?

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This is why I keep saying the integrating everything into Hangouts...thus with Google+, is only a positive thing for Google. We don't need all Google apps integrated into one app. Hey! Why haven't they integrated the camera app into Hangouts yet???? Why isn't the alarm integrated into Hangouts yet??? etc etc. Some things are better separate.

********** LET ME BE CLEAR **********
There is no way that this is going to allow you to send SMS over wifi.
It simply is a merge of the applications.
To send over wifi, the carrier needs to allow that and not all carriers support this.
This kills my hopes that this would allow SMS from any non cellular enabled device.

You are clear. And you are wrong. SMS for GVoice works fine and dandy over WiFi.

If Samsung made penis implants, would they have TouchWiz? - dchawk81

Yep, Google Voice calls (via Groove IP) and SMS, both, work great on Wifi, without a hitch.

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I think the OP was trying to say that native carrier SMS can't be set over WiFi, not that those of us who use GV for SMS won't be able to continue to use it over WiFi.

However, that message was obscured by the asterisks, screaming capital letters, and his overwhelming pompous douchebaggery.

there is a "hitch". Google Voice will only send about 50 SMS or so and then it tells you to try again later. So if you SMS a lot, you will get frustrated quick.

With the Sms integration in the newest verison of hangouts can we just text a number like normal text messaging or do we have to invite people to join hangouts? Seems like a huge hassle as im not a hangouts user.

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I am pretty disappointed on one hand that the wait to overhaul GV continues. On the other hand I am excited to hear that MMS support will come. I thought that was never going to happen. Hope they deliver on this soon.

I tried Hangouts on a whim and I still don't see how SMS is integrated. My phone number is verified but instead of sending messages, it prompts me to send an SMS inviting the contact to join Hangouts.

Or are SMS still not part of it?

I don't buy these excuses. The iOS update to Hangouts allow me to make Google voice calls over IP with no problems. It's so handy since my mvno uses T-Mobile towers and when I'm at the in-laws with no service I still can make AND receive calls via hangouts. It actually caught me off guard when a phone call came through hangouts at their house. I was only on WiFi with no service. This is incredibly useful. I just moved my Sim card to the iPhone and was I don't buy the carrier excuse.

Why does all the nerd blogs keep asking this question? Is there some customer demand that I'm not aware of? Some of us DONT WANT everything like Google Voice integrated in one single app. Usually this means the app will do a lot of things poorly, instead of doing one thing really well. I LIKE Google Voice separate. It's where I get my voicemails. I DONT WANT THAT CONNECTED TO HANGOUTS/GOOGLE+. It's like saying I want everything connected to my Facebook account.

So tech/nerd/geek blogs, stop asking google if voice is integrated yet like that's a negative. "Voice 'still' isn't integrated' is the line you take. Some of us like having Voice as a separate app!!

I guess that's good and bad news. It's good news because we know it's coming, but it means being patient, and after being Nestle-trolled for about a month waiting for KitKat, patient isn't what we want to be right now!

I updated to the KitKat version of Hangouts and the interface is beautiful, but when I sent a test text to myself, I noticed it came from my Verizon number. Then I went into settings and all I could find in reference to my outgoing numbers was an option that said "Confirm phone number". It had both my Verizon and my Google Voice numbers listed, which I took as a good sign, but there was no option to choose which one I wanted my outgoing messages to come from. I thought I must be missing something, then I found this article. What a bummer! But at least we know it's in the works. Thanks for the info.

Google Voice sms with hangouts is working for me. I have it set up where I receive the text messages via the messaging app in google voice settings. When I receive sms to my gvoice number (which is my primary number, I don't even remember my carrier number), I receive it through my messaging app. It comes through in the weird google number with the name of the contact in the message body. Using google voice that way, when I activated Hangouts SMS today to try it, I'm able to receive and send messages correctly using Hangouts.