Google's history of human communication

Finally!  The days of lurking in forums, begging on Twitter, and hounding everyone you know just to get a Google Voice invite are officially over.  Google announced that they have decided to open up Google Voice to the public, no invitation required, so long as you're in the United States.  If you're not familiar with Google Voice, you need to be.  Especially if you're hooked on smartphones in any way, shape or form.  Google says it best:

"We’re proud of the progress we’ve made with Google Voice over the last few years, and we’re still just scratching the surface of what’s possible when you combine your regular phone service with the latest web technology."

You can learn more about Google Voice, as well as get signed up HERE.  Get into everything Android and Google Voice related HERE.  And finally, hit the source link to learn a little of the history and work that went into Google Voice.  Enough talk -- free SMS awaits! [Google Voice Blog] Thanks Duvi!


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Google Voice opens up for all (in the U.S., anyway), no invitation required


This is just Awesome. Finally glad to see everyone can enjoy this googlie awesomeness. If you have an Android Phone, this is a must have service :). Wonder if they are still allowing choose your own number.

EDIT: Ok, I see they still have that :), People should hurry and pick ya number or phrase ya have in mind before it goes :).

Not sure what you mean. When I call other people they see my google number. Its a setting in the app itself.

I'm referring to this which is copied from the settings page of my google voice account:

Caller ID (out): Display my Google Voice number

Note: this setting currently only applies to text messages; calls will be included soon.

EDIT: I just called my work number from my EVO and it showed up as my mobile number and not my google voice #

Do you have the settings on for using Google Voice on making calls? Menu-Settings-Making Calls-Use Google Voice to make all calls/Do no use GV to make any calls/Only use GV for international calls/Ask everytime I make a call. I have it on ask because so on some calls I'll use my reg phone #.

It does work. Go to the google voice app->Settings->Making Calls. It will pull up a menu. Select "Use Google Voice to make all calls" and you should be good. Everyone I call sees my google number. The app would be pointless without that capability.

I have it set up that exact way so I'm not sure why my mobile number came up on my work phone's caller ID.

I was going through the features page and yeah, it does show the Google Voice number as the outbound caller ID. It should be working, mine does.

So when can we port another number to Google Voice? I just cancelled Vonage and have 30 days to port the number I've had for 6 years.

hmmm... Great question.

I went to the page to sign up and it still says by invite only. Is there a trick in geting around this? I put my email in the invite part.

completely useless for me as I haven't been able to call ANY number in the Dominican Republic with GV since the beginning of June(CONSTANT busy signals)..can you PLEASE fix this Google???!!

Its amazing they have enough numbers to offer this to everyone.

When everyone was getting dial-up lines they were already predicting the exhaustion of the dial-space, and that was before everyone had cell phones.

I still want to do calls on my data plan and not my cell minutes. That's not a huge issue, but it would be nice if they can keep the call quality high. (Its not all that hard to beat cell call quality in my opinion).

I've had Google Voice for my Nexus One, and I live in Canada

only things that I don't get are Google Number, text Messages

I just enjoy using the voice mail and transcribed voicemail

but if you're Canadian and really want it....use Hot Spot Shield...then hit the 'Try it' button and you've got yourself a Google Voice account

what happened to the toggle voice app? it was in the market for the hero 1.56. now i have 2.1 and it's not there :( it's an excellent addition to google voice which i love love love!!

what happened to the toggle voice app? it was in the market for the hero 1.56. now i have 2.1 and it's not there :( it's an excellent addition to google voice which i love love love!!

Don't know about anyone else but when installed Google Voice on my Evo it made my up time and awake time the same and drained the battery very fast. As soon as I uninstalled the battery performance returned to normal.

I was testing GV before this release, I just want to say I have had issues with GV and Bluetooth for inbound calls. Also you may notice a slight lag for inbound calls. But it is google I am sure they will get these things fixed, but if you have a bluetooth device you may have problems until then (callers could not hear me, and I could not hear them).

I look forward to these things being addressed. Since Google Voice is very cool.