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Google Search (AKA Google Now for folks with Jelly Bean) isn't the only app from Google to see an update today. While not as forwards facing and glamorous, Voice, Translate, and Authenticator were also bumped up a version.

Google Voice promises a couple much needed bug fixes, notably to fix the delay in SMS notifications and make inbox syncing actually work across devices. We sure would love a fancy new UI to match the rest of Google's apps, but we'll certainly take the bug fixes. Grab it from Google Play.

Google Translate also received two very welcome changes: the addition of Chinese, Japanese and Korean text recognition from the camera, and recognition of a few new languages for handwriting -- Afrikaans, Croatian, Czech, Icelandic, Latvian, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Slovak, Slovenian, Ukrainian, Welsh. The Asian language text recognition is a big deal folks. If Translate can successfully recognize the intricacy of something like Kanji or traditional Chinese, there's no telling what comes next. Install Google Translate from Google Play by clicking this handy link.

Finally, the Google Authenticator app has been updated with "bug fixes in the account setup flow" and small UI improvements. It's nice to see work going into an app as utilitarian as Authenticator, which really doesn't have to look good to work well. Grab the update or install it from Google Play.


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Google Voice, Authenticator, and Translate also updated today


A UI improvement on Voice would most definitely be welcome. I'll be happy if they just update it to show support for the emoticons built in :P

My question is this. Has the call feature improved? Before I got Jelly Bean I could call any business by simply saying "CALL" and state the business name city and state and it would automatically start dialing. Now when I say any business it barely comes up or brings up some random contact in my phone. It's useless "now". I have to web search to get the listing. This was one of my favorite android/google search features. And now its sucks.

What phone? The "call" function works great for me (Verizon sgs3). I even used it a few times in a busy restaurant to test it in a white noise filled environment.

GS3. I am not talking about business contacts in my phone but any business I used to just say "Call Business Name City State" and it would locate and automatically call. But once I got JB the search feature changed to the NOW feature and it sucks and never works. I tried so many times.

Also not that when it was running ICS it worked PERFECT. Once you get JB it changes and pretty much ruined the whole experience.

Maybe it was a change in TouchWiz. Search sucked for me in ICS. I'd say call [dad's name] and it would bring up search results instead of actually calling him. But when I used one of my friend's name, it would call him. Never worked for my dad. Always worked for my friend. Google Now does that perfectly.

I just tried saying "call AMC theater Hammond, Louisiana" and it called them. Well, it brought up the card that gives you a few seconds to hit call yourself or cancel, then it calls automatically. I stopped it before it called them. Can you give me an example of a business and city you've tried that doesn't work?

4.1.2 Galaxy Nexus

Totally. It was way better on ICS. I've been harping on about this for ages. I actually went back to the GS3 from the Nexus to get it back.

I like JB smoothness, and the UI of Now is pretty - but it is scary when you require more information and Google Glass is coming out soon.

I don't know about anyone else but Google Voice hasn't been acting right until this update. Thank goodness: texts are syncing correctly again.