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The Google Voice app just received another update this evening, bumping it to version 4.2.34 and bringing a very short (but welcome) change log -- tablet support.  We've seen just how easy it is to sideload the app onto your tablet, and plenty of folks noticed the way the action bar looks more tablet-like in the update a few days ago, but now it's more official with it sitting right in the Market, waiting for you to download it.

So get to it -- link is after the break.

Thanks, Daves!


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Google Voice for Android updated with tablet support


Had to uninstall the old sideloaded version. But after that it installed. Much better layout and the tabs are nice.

It does work really well on my XOOM. I use it for all my texting anyway now just another reason to love Google Voice.

My sideloaded version just updated itself, since I had absent mindedly checked the auto update box when I sideloaded it.

Settings>>applications>>manage applications>>click on downloaded and scroll down to find Google Voice, click on it and hit the uninstall button.

hope this helps..

It's definitely a step in the right direction, but I won't be satisfied until I can make VoIP calls directly from my Galaxy Tab!

I make Google Voice VoIP calls daily on my Asus Transformer using the GrooVe IP app. Have you tried it on your Tab?

Saweeeet! It works great on my Xoom. Now I have no excuse but to integrate my Sprint # so I can text right from Chrome and my Xoom on the fly!!! Thanks GOOGLE!

Unfortunately it broke the notification bar on my Epic. The notice comes in but then it vanishes before you can swipe down and click it. I had to go back to

Very nice. Instead of texts taking a few minutes to arrive on my tablet they are pushed just as quickly as they are to Google Voice on my Sensation.

just installed the update say's version 4.2.36 on my phone, not 4.2.34 just curious about that because I know AC does not make mitsakes ;>]

I am brand new to the android tablet space. I LOVE my Samsung Galaxy Tab. I want to use it for texting so I have downloaded Google Voice from the App Market but I am having trouble setting it up. All goes well until it gets to the step of "verifying my phone". This fails. What might I be doing wrong?

I have a data account with Verizon and therefore I have a phone number even though I will never be making voice calls with it.

Any place anyone can point me for suggestions?