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Google has just unveiled the Nexus 7 Tablet along with the Nexus Q streaming media player and already they've started promoting the devices to the max. The Nexus site that has been in place since the Nexus One was announced, has now been updated with a full gallery, specs and features listing for both of the devices. I got my preorder in for the Nexus 7, do you?

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Morjesta says:

Just bought the Google Galaxy Nexus at $349.00!!! $387.36 tax+s/h included!

XavierMatt says:

Welcome to the world of Nexus.

Toad858 says:

Me too. I was waiting for a price drop at IO and it happened so I jumped on it! Bye bye contract...

hmmm says:

Would totally go for that if they had CDMA versions. AS it stands I am om Sprint and that cannot change. Nexus phones on Sprint aren't much different than any other phone other than stock Android which I can load onto any phone I want.

timtahtinen says:

My Nexus 7 preorder was in before the devices page was updated with the link. :)

mtmerrick says:

Not a chance, sorry. The phone UI ruins it for me. My tablet should be a tablet computer, not an oversized phone.

-typed from my Acer a500 tuning the android TABLET UI

Dale Griggs says:

I ordered a Nexus Seven so I could use a modern OS instead of the ancient one on my Bionic. At the pace Verizon is issuing updates, Key Lime Pie will be available before ICS is available on the Bionic.
The announcement did not mention GPS but I assume it is on it.

ReggieTee says:

So no landscape mode?

Ravynmagi says:

It's got landscape mode.

vansmack says:

At some point, someone is going to have to explain to me how a 7 inch tablet is $200 but a 4.5 inch phone is $400 (now $349). Is an HSPA radio really $150? And an LTE radio really $350?

diskoman69 says:

No, they are going to price them at what the market will bear. They are a business, and their objective is to make a profit. Radios, however, do cost quite a bit. You have to factor in licensing costs for starters.

sveilien says:

I didn't see an SDcard support on the N7 spec page. 16GB doesn't cut it anymore.

paradox60660 says:

No micro hdmi?

markhallyo says:

For $199 I'm gonna have to pick one up. The Nexus Q I'm gonna wait for a review to come out, though it looks like that might be a new addition to my home soon as well.

They lost me at no sd card.. Fail

sveilien says:

Agreed, I would have ordered it today if it had that.

randyw says:


diskoman69 says:

When I got my Kindle Fire on release I thought no expandable memory would be a problem. Come to find out that I really didn't store much locally anyway. If I wasn't using Audiogalaxy, I was using Google Music, Amazon, or Spotify. Netflix & Hulu+ do it for video (a lot cheaper than buying) and my old stuff is streamed with VLC. Docs & files: Dropbox and Google Drive. The only thing that stuffed my memory was apps, particularly larger games like Asphalt and Shadowgun, etc. so if I can get by (admittedly it's close) with 8GB, 16GB will be plenty of space for many consumers.

cbn4forums says:

I am tempted to get the Galaxy Nexus phone but I wonder if a new model is going to come out later this year.