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The Nexus One finally became official in Canada, where it first started on Rogers, then followed by Bell and Telus, and now Wind Mobile has been added to the list of official carriers. While many users have already been using their Nexus One's on Wind Mobile, it is always good to see the name officially on the list. So yet another carrier to become official on the Nexus One before Verizon and Sprint, what gives? [via Mobile Syrup]


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Google updates Nexus One for Wind Mobile compatability


Sounds good. Soon, Nexus One will be available in every carrier in the world and Android userbase will continue to expand.

Not being Canadian nor ever having lived there, could it be that the networks shown are all GSM networks, and not CDMA like Verizon and Sprint? If so, I have the answer to "what gives?"

Anything outside the U.S. I'm 99% sure is GSM. Only CDMA(big) carriers within the U.S. are VZW and Sprint. So they're only released GSM N1's so far.

I'm sorry here Chaos5..the only GSM carrier in North America so as in Canada is ROGERS.
BELL and TELUS are Big CDMA carriers.. but since November 2009 they have also build up a HSPA network and it is faster than ROGERS network twice quicker actually(u have to use a SIM Card)