Google Flight Search

Google has updated their Flight Search feature and we now have some new tools to help us get to our destination easier and cheaper.

You can now expand your map and a few movements of the mouse will give you the average fare. You can also filter by price, flight duration, airline, and number of stops. On your flights home page, you'll notice the highly visible destination suggestions, and should you have the time and the money, but no idea where to spend either, the I'm Feeling Lucky button can be your guide.

While other travel sites have similar options, Google always seems to know more about what we like than we know ourselves. Give the new Flight Search a spin!


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Google updates Flight Search with destination discovery feature


Agreed. Hopefully coming soon. Seems to be working better than Kayak for non-North American international flights.

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The voice over on the clip is beyond cheesy... I'll echo the thought that it needs an app, the Kayak one works so well.