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Google today updated its Chromecast app with a few new features: Namely, the app's now available in some 50 languages, works better on Samsung devices, and there are some new Chromecast settings and bugfixes.

Snag the update at the link above.


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Google updates the Chromecast app


Samsung should work with Google's OS. That's kind of the point.
Of course, that would take for freaking ever...

I had to reset my 12.2 to get play music from crashing after the update, but now it's better than ever over chromecast. Finally!

What are the chances that they will ever add more video formats like .avi and others

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That's up to the app devs, it's not a chromecast problem. I can cast avi files just fine using plex.
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Sort of. Plex works because it can transcode avi files to a format that works with Chromecast. It's not that simple for other developers to do that. It would be much easier if Google updated Chromecast itself rather than rely on developers.

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Adding formats also costs money as you often have to pay licensing fees. Not sure if .avi is one of those where licensing fees would be necesary, but it's a general issue whenever playing different formats and codecs.

Is this the first time you could reboot the Chromecast from the app, or have I just missed this before?

I hope this fixes the problem of the app turning off the Wi-Fi on my phone whenever I try to setup the Chromecast. It was getting tired of asking to borrow my wife's MacAir to set up a Google device.

Hope it's prepartory to starting to see more apps. I'd heard an SDK was being released to to Devs. Yes? No? When? If?

Also, since it works from the PC, curious to me that you still can't cast tabs from Google's own Chrome browser on Android...

There are apps that you can send web pages via the share menu but without extensions not sure if they will ever have proper tab casting

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Sdk was a week or 2 ago......doesn't mean we will get what koush had in the beginning days of its release.....ever

Ours worked fine for 3 months but has suddenly stopped working. With Netflix we just get the "loading" red circle or it plays for a few seconds then goes back to loading. YouTube worked for a full movie then also started doing the "loading" thing. I've tried on both our laptop and our Nexus 7 but no luck! We're not techie people so no clue what to do.

I really hope it does. I imported mine for $70, even though it's a lot more than the original price it's much simpler for Netflix and Youtube than anything else I've tried.

How about that location permission they haven't explained? It's probably benign, but they should tell us why they need it all the same.

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