Google TV YouTube app

Previously, Google was teasing some updates coming to Google TV and one of the things they happened to mention on their blog was an update to the GoogleTV YouTube app. While we're still uncertain if this was the big annuncement they had coming or if it was just one small portion of something bigger, one thing we do know for certain is the fact the YouTube app update is now rolling out to GoogleTV owners. Yes, that includes the Logitech Revue as well. Got a GoogleTV? Go ahead and hit the Android Market -- the update should be there.


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Google TV YouTube app update now available


The update is there waiting, but I was not prompted like usual.. Also when I try to download it, it tells me it failed. I have to go to details, then click install.

It notified me on my Revue, and it installed no problems. I've been fighting buffering problems since Christmas that I attributed to server overload from all of those millions of new Kindle Fire tab presents., but there is hope the update might help to smooth things out. Running nicely for the first ten minutes. Time will tell.