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Google has finally taken the lid off the next generation of Google TV. Announced this morning on the Google TV Blog, el Goog reminds us that "these are still early days." But things are improving. And this major update will focus on four areas:

  • A simpler user interface, with a customizable home screen.
  • Finding content becomes easier. TV and movies get their own search, whether they're on Netflix, YouTube, Amazon, cable, satellite, etc.
  • Improved YouTube experience. Leanback was just the beginning. It's now been integrated even deeper.
  • Apps. Finally, the Android Market comes to Google TV. You won't initally have the full breadth of the market on Google TV -- apps that require a touchscreen, GPS or telephony won't show, so that pares things down quite a bit -- but Google says it has 50 developers already lined up.

So, when will we see updates? If you've got one of the Sony boxes or TVs, you should start seeing updates early next week. The Logitech Revue will come later. Google says new devices from multiple manufacturers will arrive in the coming months.

Check out the preview video after the break.

Source: Google TV Blog

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Google TV 2.0 is announced; updates start next week, new hardware in coming months


Call me if one of those apps is the Google app - SageTV.

Otherwise, googleTV still doesn't look very compelling.


Ditto! It's not like they skinned it or anything that would take extra time. What could be the hold up? Logitech support forum here I come!

I've only had mine a couple weeks, but I enjoy the extra "oomph" it adds in being able to search the web and my home network for content. Getting 2.0 in short order would sure be nice. Yeah, I could root and hackenstein it, but wanted to see what it would deliver on its own 4 little rubberized feet first.

Oh yeah, what about the TiVo integration? I've had TiVo for over 10 years now (awesomest time shifting ever!) and it would be most supreme to have that final bit of integration in being able to search and manage that device as well.

I am not being snarky when I say that I saw the video but feel that I missing the point. My blu ray player and TV both have apps and can stream movies from NetFlix, Hulu, YouTube, etc. Given that I paid $60 for a blu ray with apps (Amazon Black Friday special), someone needs to explain why I would spend $99 for a device that is a stream only device. (Can it mirror video from my Android phone, computer?)

it's something you have to use in order to understand, either that, or I can't explain it that well.... I had a roku prior to this and despite the roku having hulu and my revue not having hulu they are not even in the same ballpark. It's all about the seamless integration.

For me it is about search functionality.
It is worlds better using the Revue to find content, then trying to use a remote control on a blueray player.

I also have a sony blueray player, and became frustrated trying to search netflix with the remote. I love the revue keyboard, it makes finding content quick and easy. Also you can search all content on the internet, not just netflix.

I will probably get one of these once the new hardware comes out. It will be nice to have all my streaming services aggregated into one database ... ie Netflix, Amazon video, Vudu, YouTube. I hope the new Google Music comes with it too. I am looking forward to the new hardware being strong enough to push quality video games too.

"Google reminds us that "these are still early days."

Really? WTF, I have had this for a year. A year is not the early days, it is mostly considered end of life for for the majority of tech.

I still see "coming soon in HD" when I stream an Amazon video.

Their idea of soon is seriously lacking.

I think what they are saying is "yeah, we kinda did drop the ball but we are still standing behind GoogleTV and going to be making a bigger push."

I know, I hardly feel like a beta tester for my revue but I've not had any problems with it at all. /shrug

Your not seeing the big picture.

These are INDEED early days.

Weather they admit it now or not, the end-game is to replace subscription Television for a large percentage of consumers. However People have been paying for TV for a long time, and there are a lot of powerful people who dont want that to change. But the more people that get on board with this "internet TV" option, the better it will get.

Remember Film Cameras? Everybody said they would never be replaced by digital. We were all "beta-testers" to some extent, and now we enjoy a much easier photographic experience, BUT IT TOOK TIME.

How many years have we had smartphones? probably almost 10 years! Only now are they really coming into their own, as more people move to a new form of media consumtion, more resources will be dumped into those channels, and eventually we arrive at a new standard.

I am one of those "cable-cutters" and am very happy to have cut my monthly "triple play" $140/month plus taxes to a much more reasonable $40 high speed internet fee. If it is a little rough around the edges at first that is okay by me.

I too, ditched cable awhile back. I only recently got it back because of Hockey season. I was thinking of other ways to get around the NHL blackout and such but they offered me the triple play for $69.99 so I couldn't go wrong. I'll probably ditch it though when Hockey season is over again and maybe evaluate what offers they have again when Hockey season begins.

I'll be part of the "cable-cutter" crowd very soon. I, too, am getting tired of paying around $175/month for mediocre cable (no movies), internet, and phone service. Cutting the cable will save me roughly half of the above costs.

So, bring it on, Google TV! Been waiting a while...

I cut the cord a year ago, and I now rely solely on a GoogleTV connected to the HDMI output of a nettop pc. I couldn't be happier. I would ditch the nettop altogether, but since there is still no Hulu on GTV, (and espn3 updated their flash) I must keep it. Hopefully the market will eventually change this.

I have to say, there isn't a single show that used to watch that I am am unable watch now. Even if I need to purchase 5-10 episodes of TV shows a month from Amazon, I am still way below my cable bill of $167 a month.

The GTV has paid for itself month after month.

Bring on the update for the Revue!

Got the update pushed to me at 4am this morning EST,didnt install it till 8am EST pretty is nice still noticed no facebook APP lol