Google Transit does Washington, D.C.

If you live in Washington, D.C. and make use of the transit system, your trip planning has just got a little easier. Google has updated Google Transit with all of D.C. Metro bus stations, stops and routes, as well as listings for connections to surrounding cities such as Baltimore, Montgomery and Jefferson counties. Go ahead and fire up Google Maps -- from within there you can search for and map out the transit system and get to where you really need go. With any luck, you may even find a faster route then what you're already familiar with.

Source: Google Lat Long Blog


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Google Transit does Washington, D.C.


I wonder how Google get the information for the Transit system. I'm in Edinburgh, UK, and Maps' bus times are always slightly off. Doesn't seem updated. Shame really, it's -much- easier than going on the local bus company's website.

I have the droid 2 with maps 5.4 and I don't have the option to choose that "transit" option on the top left corner of the screen like posted above. All I have is drive or walking option. Why is this?

They have to integrate with the local transportation systems to provide this feature in each area.