Nexus One trademark

Here's another log to throw onto the fire of whether it's really the Google Nexus One or the HTC Nexus One, or what carrier involvement may be:

It's Google that applied for a trademark on "Nexus One" on Dec. 10, before all the hoopla began, pointing toward the Big G doing more on its own. Does it will be selling the Nexus One outright? Or that carriers won't be involved? Nope. Those questions are still very much unanswered, and we could still see an "HTC Passion" or some other similar device in the future. Stay tuned, folks. via Electronista


Reader comments

Google trademarks 'Nexus One'


"Google Nexus One" that just sounds like your telling someone to search for Nexus One. But i found that Google has not confirmed the name is Nexus One. Nexus one will be the developer version name, like "Google Ion" for the magic. It has an HTC name and will probably be sold with a carrier name from T-Mobile.

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