Won't stop games being made but should reduce Flappy spam

After Flappy Bird's rampant success, the inevitable rush of clones and 'Flappy' everythings started to emerge. The Play Store – and iOS App Store – is full of them, but it looks now as if developers will at least have to be more creative in naming their apps. According to a report by TechCrunch, Google and Apple are both starting to reject apps with Flappy in the title.

Developers on both platforms have been reporting rejection and suspension notices because of the references, and will be forced to re-submit with a new, more original title. From their perspective discovery of their app may be reduced – since Flappy is the key word – and from our perspective the Play Store top apps should at least appear less irritating.

But it doesn't change the actual content of the apps. For now. Eventually the fad will pass, but in the meantime our eyes should become Flappy free.

Source: TechCrunch


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Google starts rejecting 'Flappy' titles from the Play Store


In before the usual "OMG so many flappy bird stories even though they really didn't post that many Flappy Bird stores and I didn't bother looking before typing and I'm very sorry has Phil had his coffee yet?"

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Sit back and wait for the nerd rage

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If you really want to know why Flappy Birds was pulled from Google Play and the App Store, watch this video. Toward the end, you'll see EXACLY why. I don't how much Nintendo was threatening to sue him for if he didn't pull the game, but evidentially it was enough to scare the shit out of him. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YHH2101OFfI

I read that Nintendo used back channels and asked apple to remove the game from their store. Apple gave the Dev 2-3 days to remove his game or change it dramatically to not look like a super mario copy or they were going to suspend or ban his account in iOS store.

That sounds more plausible. The dev "crying" saying "he couldn't take it anymore" and "But it also ruins my simple life. So now I hate it." is total BS! What he couldn't take was the potential litigation he faced.

Well, litigation may have ruined his life, right?

Just sayin'...

Seriously, though, he should have used either royalty free artwork or original artwork.

This needs to stop he did not copy anything Nintendo had. It looks sort of kind of similar is not enough to sue on.

Read the damn comments on the video you linked to its a fake! You are just assuming just like everyone else what happened to him when in reality knows whats going on. No one knows him personally and he is from Vietnam. Him making the amount of money made more than likely put pressure on him from media, friends, family and quite possibly the Vietnamese government.

What's more likely, Nintendo putting pressure on him (the sane likely pressure), or your bizarre cloak and dagger conspiracy theory that members of his own family and the vietnamese government is out to get him for, wait for it, a crappy free game that is a blatant super Mario rip off.
You are completely clueless.
Next, you'll be telling me it was Saudi's flying those planes on 9/11 and there were no pre planned controlled demolitions...
Think before you post your garbage!!!

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Imo, this flappy game really shows how Nintendo is missing the boat not having official games for Android.....Sega gets it.

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Nintendo probably would never have made this terribleness, and it makes sense to not cannibalise their console market share by releasing games on a competing platform, Sega no longer has a market share to worry about.

Why is no one surprised you can't get Pokémon on PSP or Zelda on Xbox? It's the same principle.

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Valid points, however if they charged for them(apps), like sega does, I dont think they would canabilze there own console, which they seem to be steering away from anyway. They may get a bunch of old customers they once had. Especially on games that are old school. Nobody is playing donkey kong(original) on a wii or wii U, at least that I know of.

Oh, people certainly do play old school games on current consoles and you forget the most important one. The 3DS, where the original DK will set you back £4.49.

I'm not saying they wouldn't make money, just that Nintendo obviously values the exclusivity of their IP more, and why wouldn't they? They've got some of the best in the industry!

That said, Nintendo are apparently considering testing the waters with companion apps so give it 5 years and we'll quite possibly see a very different story.

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Speed isn't exactly Nintendo's strong suit lol famous for "it's done when it's done".

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Normally I have the utmost respect for devs, they're the ones that make my phone awesome, but these same code with two assets changed carrion crows can go eat a bag of millet. Google and apple are most definitely doing the right thing

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Pity. Only over 250 games in GP. Need more.

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I just wish I knew how to code for Android to make games. I didn't realize how much money there is to be made.

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Yeah, apparently the graphics are the hard part because he could have easily released a game that did the same thing but use his own graphics.

Glad Google grew some balls. There is a lot of other junk in the app store that should be removed as well.

+100 there are so many blatant clones of real apps that are malicious that it makes me sick. My parents who just recently got android phones have to call me just to ask what apps are safe to install because they aren't able to tell which is the real one. Google needs to put an end to this crap.

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This game actually really wasn't as bad as people say. I think the whole dev crying was bullshit and nintendo or someone threatened to sue him. To cry "The game hurts humanity"..just makes devs look bad.

This game could have been better though. There could have been multiplayer where you do a survival with someone else. Moving pipes, enemies, and even instant replay. He didn't have to use mario sprites. There are developers and artists out there who create sprites and even though it might be similar it's still original. If the developer just invested a little more time in not ripping off the sprites this might not have happened. The game isn't that hard either I got 30 without much effort. I don't play it non stop just a few times. It's easier with music off too because than it feels casual and not rushed or life or death type thing.

I've already seen some of the clones on the play store. I do like fall out bird though. That one is clever.

Now I wish someone would go after the people on Craigslist and the inflated prices and services to install the game.

I can't believe the number of listings anymore with Flappy Bird in the title. Drives me crazy.

Wonder when this fad craze is going to wear off. Wonder what the next craze will be.

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Um for those that know how to do it, just sideload the APK which takes less than 30 seconds to find and download from XDA forums....

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