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We've had unofficial builds of Ice Cream Sandwich on the Samsung Nexus S for a number of weeks now. But today Google announced that the GSM version of the Nexus S will see its Android 4.0 update push out over the next month, starting today. Not a bad turnaround. Now let's see some carrier-branded phones get some love, shall we?

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Floss82 says:

Well gladly since the Verizon Galaxy Nexus has been released yesterday, i think Google will really be on a row now and such as Carriers and Brands. So keep on the look out for some other carrier branding Galaxy Nexus hopefully a official T-Mobile one, and other brands such as HTC, LG & Motorola to start pushing out 4.0 updates and releasing phones and tablets by early next year:D cant wait!

Premium1 says:

moto already said 4-6 months and htc won't be any quicker. You are going to be waiting awhile.

McDreamy says:

It sucks for the google employees who have been running ICS for months and didn't have Flash support till yesterday :( Glad its being given to the masses finally!

joedon3 says:

I'm sure many of them were involved in the testing.

Gekko says:

i wonder how this will affect the prices of pre-owned Nexus S devices on ebay, craigslist, etc.? i think sellers can now justify charging a little more. there's value in that Nexus!

The absolute best thing Google can do for the Nexus brand is to update them as fast as humanly possible. That is one of the biggest selling points in favor of getting a Nexus.
It's great to see that they are doing exactly that.

ctyguys says:

I just sold my nexus s for $250, once i had it sold i was then getting offers for $275, i did though have a custom ROM of ICS on it to begin with but now that an official version is coming out, I wouldnt be surprised if folks could get over $300 for it

Gekko says:

i could have bought a mint almost new barely used with box etc. Nexus S 4G (only two weeks old) for $125 a few days ago on craigslist. i declined and will stick it out with my EVO and wait for the Sprint G-Nex.

hmmm says:

I am embarrassed to say how much I spent on a brand new one. But, yeah. Prices are up.

joedon3 says:

Lets see that source code drop so we can see some major progress on the Galaxy S ICS port!!!! Yay CM9!!!!

violent23 says:

What about the NS4G?

tvanden says:

I just got it i swear YAY

tvanden says:

I just got it i swear YAY

tvanden says:

in dialer i type *#*#CHECKIN#*#* and it came to me

hamldreza says:

where are u? what network?

Primed4nexus says:

I just did that as well but I havent gotten the update notification ** NEXUS S 3G (ATT)**

just curious what exactly does the "check in" do?

font1975 says:

It forces the phone to check in with Google's servers. If the update is pending for your phone, in theory, it will trigger it to notify you. In reality, I think it might at best trigger it download the update. You won't be notified until the update has fully downloaded and passed its verification checks. THEN your phone will notify you there is an update.

However, what it doesn't do is speed up the update. If it's not pending on Google's servers for your phone, then nothing will happen.

There are all kinds of theories of how Google batches the releases. Some say it's based on region. Some say it's based on the IMSI (or whatever that long serial number thingy is called). Some say it's based on a random hash of both region, network, and IMSI.

No one really seems to know. So we wait.

(Or do it manually if you have the T-Mobile version of the NS)

7seven says:

I don't have it yet. Any ideea how long can this take (maximum)?

font1975 says:

Patience young grasshopper.

If they just started pushing it, it will probably be slow to ramp. I'm sure they want to start slow in case there are issues. Once it get's going, it comes fairly quickly. Their post (as mentioned in this article) said it will take about a month.

If there are issues, they'll halt the release to fix it.

Google doesn't tell people anything, which is why so many seem to get upset. But if you're REALLY wanting it and have to have it now, the manual update is available. (The article is on the front page.)

I caution though; I'd give it some soak time before loading it. Just in case there are issues. Some posts are saying their WIFI isn't working. Probably isolated incidents, but I'd still just be patient. :)

deltasig says:

ok seriously, WTF why is Nexus S 4G getting ICS??!!

mapin says:

Huh? Why wouldn't the Nexus S 4G get ICS ?

RamJam824 says:

y wouldnt we get it????????

hmmm says:

Must mean "when"

mustangboy88 says:

Because you got Google Wallet before the rest of the world. Quit complaining already.

backlight seems much dimmer on automatic than gingerbread - I9020T

Mac58 says:

Now what do all the Nexus S owners who were bad mouthing google just yesterday for releasing Galaxy Nexus and no ICS love for Nexus S, have to say? lol

Anywho hope you guys enjoy it!

Godwellz says:

And of course, MOTOROLA will be dead last.