Google Nexus One

The bad news: Google is shutting down its Nexus One help forums, moving things to a read-only status starting Nov. 1. [via Android Guys] The good news: Our Nexus One forums aren't going anywhere, and we have a plethora of people ready to help you with any questions or hacks. That said, we're more than a little sad because the Nexus One obviously is being shown the door by Google. Not unexpected, but sad nonetheless. So long, little guy.

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Google shutting down Nexus One forum, but ours is still here to help!


Does this mean it will not be getting gingerbread. It seems odd to shut down the forums if it is getting ready for an update.

Yeah, why would they shut it down completely if Gingerbread is going to run on it? That's very strange. I am hoping for a Nexus Two on VZW but this definitely doesn't give me hope.

This doesn't bother me too much. Even if Google doesn't release an office Gingerbread ROM, I'm sure the dev community will. So glad I rooted my N1 as soon as I got it.

IMO not too smart, the N1 is still selling today and a couple new carriers in Canada recently brought in a bunch.

Hate to say it, but I think/hope that the iphone comes to vzw soon. Probably the only way to get motorola to update and unlock the Droid X. Otherwise I will be getting that new htc incredible pro or whatever it will be called. If I can easily root, I can delete bloatware. Sorry moto.

nexus 2 please be true
nexus 2 please be true
nexus 2 please be true

sorry nexus owners I still hope you get gingerbread if you don't I certainly don't