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Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt took an hour this week at LeWeb 11 in Paris. And leading off his keynote was none other than Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. There's not a lot there we haven't seen already -- though Hugo Berra did show off Ice Cream Sandwich on a Motorola Xoom -- but it's another great preview of what Europe's experiencing now on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, and what those of us in the States will get to experience ... eventually.

Android is just a small sliver of the talk, and you should really watch the entire thing. Other highlights:

  • On Google TV: "We took Chrome and Android and combined them, and stuffed it inside a television."
  • On Motorola: "We will run them separately to make sure the Android ecosystem doesn't get changed. We like the way Android works now."
  • On parity between iOS and Android apps: "With the ICS release, our core objective as a company is to get all of the hardware vendors onto that platform. .. Six months from now ... applications vendors ... will want to developer for that platform (Android), perhaps even first."
  • On driverless cars: "In our lifetimes, it's a fair statement to say that the majority of cars will be driverless or driverless-assisted."

It's another fascinating talk by Schmidt. Check it out.



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Google shows off Ice Cream Sandwich features -- including on tablets -- at LeWeb


Google wasn't shy about declaring their workplace Windows free a couple of years back. Mac is primary with Linux as an option.

eric was acting like a douchebag so damn annoying
does anybody feels the same as i do ?

while the presentation on ics

Except that the wide variety of phones Eric is so proud of are NOT all moving to the ICS platform as he states at 22:34 minute mark... misinformation?

On driverless cars: "In our lifetimes, it's a fair statement to say that the majority of cars will be driverless or driverless-assisted."

Yup, as soon as oil rationing kicks in most cars will be driverless, because they'll be PARKED (kind of like the Galaxy Nexus launch on Verizon)!

"We like the way Android works now."

Really, Mr. Schmidt? You like just reaching 50% penetration.with Gingerbread while you're on a PR tour promoting ICS? You like the fact that most Android users won't get to use the OS you're showing off this week until late next year, if not 2013,if ever? You like the bad press Google gets because of actions the manufacturers and carriers take that are beyond your control?

I guess there's a difference between "do no evil" and "enable no evil". That's the only way I can see that you could "like the way Android works now ".

Their model is to provide the source, and let the manufacturers do with it as they please with just a few exceptions. Blame manufacturers for not updating your phone. Google isn't responsible to update all bajillion different Android devices out there... it'd be a nightmare!

It's the model of distribution they chose and I'd say it's working out quite nicely for them.

The way he likes "Android works now" is manufacturers all get an equal chance (more or less) at using Android the way they see fit. Trying to run Motorola would hamper that.

Love or hate the way Android works, that's just the way it's being done. It's got it's benefits and drawbacks. Can't have it all. If you want freedom, choose Android. Otherwise go for iOS or W7 and stop being so whiny.

it was shown on the vzw xoom not too bad hopefully p3droid and tbh will get a leak of it. Post it on your app so us xoom owners can get it early like all things motor and vzw in the past.