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Press invites are going out for a Google Maps press event next Wednesday, June 6, where the company says it'll show off the "next dimension" of Maps. That'll be some sort of 3D offering then, we'd imagine. Right now the Google Maps web interface supports 3D features through WebGL, while the Android app can show 3D buildings and Street View images. So presumably whatever's next will be an expansion of these features, possibly bringing in elements of Google Earth, too.

Little solid information is presented with the invite, though attendees are promised a "behind-the-scenes look at Google Maps," as well as a demo of "some of the newest technology" and "upcoming features." These will apparently "help people get where they want to go -- both physically and virtually." So new 3D functionality is certainly a safe bet.

The event will take place just five days before the start of Apple's WWDC (Worldwide Developer Conference), where Google's arch-rival is expected to unveil its own iOS maps solution. Right now Maps on iOS is powered by Google Maps, and recent reports have suggested Apple will look to re-vamp Maps with new 3D features, and a new non-Google back-end. (Thus depriving its foe of the associated ad revenue.)

The natural place for this kind of Google Maps announcement might've been the Google IO Developer Conference, which takes place in late June. But by strutting its 3D stuff a few weeks earlier, Google will be hoping to beat Apple to the punch. Whatever's shown off next week, you can bet Android will account for at least part of it, and so we'll be watching with interest next Wednesday.

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bplewis24 says:

Google will release Maps with 3D viewing capabilities (ho-hum, as far as I'm concerned), Apple will release their own offering a few months later, and then next year Apple will sue Google for infringement for something they did after Google...again :)

E_man says:

There are already 3D maps. They said the NEXT dimension. Therefore, they are adding a 4th spatial dimension. Duh.

Timelessblur says:

Yes it means that we can travel both to the future and the past on how it will look.

Google has invented TIME TRAVEL.

ww311s says:

There are lots of dimensions they could put in there besides just time. One I've already seen a lot of would be traffic density. I can think of loads of others as well. Perhaps we ought to be able to color code our maps based on how many nearby establishments sell beer, or perhaps how many children live in a neighborhood, or any number of other dimensions I could think of.

Of course... whatever you do with the new features of Google Maps, don't drink and drive, and slow down for the kids. :)

icebike says:

Time travel to the past is already available in Google Earth.

Don't expect it would be all that useful in maps.

Maybe 3D will apply to the map view, so you can tell uphill/downhill on map view, and perhaps calculate a more fuel/energy efficient route.

I just hope they don't burden maps with more social crapola.

stejc says:

Story posted on iMore about this just shows the envy that IoS 6 will lose Google Maps and replace them with an inferior product -

Ph00ny says:

Technically they're not losing much since Apple hasn't had the same map app as android in a very long time

Shadowriver says:

Or simply don't invest on app that they knew they gonna change

E_man says:

Exactly, apple wrote their own maps app. It just used google data. I'm not a fanboy, but when I used the maps app on my iPad, it was atrocious. Any new app will be better.

svinyard says:

Lol, dude come on. Don't be ignorant. They are losing ALL of googles map data. To hell with the app, that is the small part of the equation. Its the years and years of indexed info that iDrones wont have anymore.

Shadowriver says:

Yea thats interesting coincedence, those two things might be linked in some way

anthonok says:

Too bad nobody will notice and everyone will pretend apple invented the "new" map dimension when they show of the new iMaps.

craigrn16 says:

lol This iMaps will be "magical"

ReggieTee says:

will it feature turn-by-turn navigation?

prlundberg says:

Does it matter? I thought all iPhone users were either too young or too old to drive? Are people confused by an Android phone really capable of driving?

Linebarrel86 says:

Hopefully we'll see something like this implemented.

icebike says:

Why do you say hopefully? Is this a big issue? Do people in streetview bother you?

Shadowriver says:

I think it bothers Google more then users, removing people would increase qulity of street view and reduce privacy issues

icebike says:

I seriously doubt it would increase the quality, can't see any basis for that claim at all, and since faces are blurred anyway there is no change there either.

ilaifire says:

I don't know, I would find this really creepy. Can you image Times Square without people?

Apple lawyers gonna have a field day.

Grung says:

One of the most requested features, and one that Google always says "we're looking at it" but it never happens, is being able to use Navigation with a customized MyMap. Forget the spatial hocus pocus and gee whiz stuff, give us this feature first. And while you're at it, let us directly import kml files.

dtreo says:

I heard it will be 4D and the extra dimensions is....maps with smell. It's gonna be sweet!

I do not blame google for doing this. Apple is going to come up with some new feature which google has been working on already and then say they brought it first, then bug the USPTO for a patent. Google has learned its lessons in the past about this ridiculous behavior from Apple and will not let that happen.Google has been doing maps for awhile and have gotten good at it and it cannot allow Apple to just steal the show...good move google.