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Google Shopping Express is adding to its list of retailers to include Barnes & Noble, expanding into an important segment of the online shopping market — books. Barnes & Noble joins a handful of big Shopping Express partners, including Target, Walgreens, Costco and Staples. In contrast to other online stores, Shopping Express partners with retailers and uses couriers that simply go pick up items and deliver them to customers the same day, so the stores that Google partners with are very important.

A partnership with Barnes & Noble offers Google Shopping Express a wide range of products, of course including books, magazines, toys and games. Those are items that people buy online regularly from Amazon, but Google has a slight advantage with the offer of same-day delivery with Shopping Express. The big winner here is likely Barnes & Noble, though, which has struggled in both online and in-store sales over the past handful of years, closing dozens of stores across the U.S.

Shopping Express is still only available in very limited markets, serving those in Manhattan (with plans to expand to Brooklyn and Queens), West Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area.

Source: New York Times


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Google Shopping Express adds Barnes & Noble to same-day delivery service


Man. Google wants to fight literally every major market on Earth. Take your time and improve it first. No beta please.

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I like how Google tests different types of markets to see if there's a viable option with these services. After the beta test then they refine the service and expand it to much more cities and demographics.