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The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Google is set to launch their own ebook store, Google Editions by the end of the month.  The idea has been kicked around since May 2010 and was initially set to launch this past summer.  Scott Dougall, a Google product management director, tells the WSJ it is set to debut in the U.S. by the end of the month and internationally in the first quarter of next year.  There's also word from some independent booksellers who say they have received their contracts for the venture from Google already, so it does appear that things are ready to launch.

What does this mean for us?  Google is set to take on the big players in this space with a new distribution model -- web-based book reading.  The goal is to have content purchased from Google, or any of its independent partners entered into an online library tied to your Google account, and accessed via any modern web browser.  Of course plans for applications for popular platforms are in the works, and you can bet that Android is high on that list.  While we don't know how well this model will work, you can bet devices like the Samsung Galaxy Tab will soon be seeing some Google Edition love.  [WSJ online]


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Google set to tackle the eBook market with Google Editions


Gonna be pretty hard to top Kindle. Many of us already have to large of a Kindle library to start over from scratch.

Yeah, I think this would about as popular as Google Buzz: not very. Putting stuff inside of a browser works well enough for somethings, very well for others and the rest not so well at all. Reading books is likely to be an offline activity for most people but reading books in a browser is an online activity. How am I going to read while I'm on a plane unless I want to pony up for the in-air WiFi for about as much as I paid for the book originally?

That said I think they'd have to have more up their sleeve than just granting browser access to a book and calling it a new product.

if this is easily accessible and known by android users this will take off quick

otherwise it will just be another google wave

Maybe google will do this in a new manner, say, offering those of us with physical books to scan the ISBN and turn them into digital copies as well. Who knows where this will go with google. Def apps for android and wp7, who can tell if iOS will get one.

Nook is android. I can checkout books from the library. Can't do that with a kindle. Hopefully google will do the same with their model.