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Relevant results from your own data now included

You've been able to search for installed apps by name for a while now, but today Google opened up a feature we first heard about when KitKat was announced — search hits from your installed app data.

You won't have to do anything, but developers of third party apps will. Some are ready, with names like IMDB, Wikipedia and Open Table already displaying relevant results. For these apps, the search result will include an "open in app" button that does exactly what you think it will — open the app with the relevant information ready for you. 

In addition, searching for apps will now show relevant results. A search for downhill ski app (Google's example) will show results from Google Play with a handy button to go fetch them.

Google is actively working with developers to get more apps included. If you're a developer and want in on the action, visit here to get started.

Source: Google

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HalizDad says:


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imneveral0ne says:

Nobody cares...

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TLB69 says:

You're so immature.Why you ask,because I wanted too be first and because I wasn't first I'm throwing a temper tantrum and I'm calling you names.That'll teach you not to beat me @ the game called first.Let this be an example to anyone who does this,you will pay :-D

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drokssilva says:

Why do you never press the f****n reply button?

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glazedfaith says:

Didn't Apple sue them for "unified" search a while ago? I thought this was an option years ago.

jvolzer1 says:

Didn't we have this before KitKat? I remember that checklist having a lot of apps on my nexus 4. Then they were all gone on my nexus 5. I guess it wouldn't be KitKat related though probably an older version of the Google search app. Does anyone know what I'm talking about or am I crazy?

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I remember that too.

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nem01 says:

We had app name search ... that had to be removed for a lawsuit from apple if I remember exactly.

This new thing should do something more ... it is reintroducing app name search (I don't know what are they doing with the lawsuit) and are introducing a new feature.
Now when you search for example an hotel review if the result (of the web search) is from tripadvisor website you should have the option to open the review directly inside the tripadvisor app.

drdeath91 says:

Slowly but surely Google now is turning into an evolved version of webos universal search. Dang I miss that.

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brendilon says:

Amen dude. Universal search. Unified messaging. Gestures...

Winter is coming. She's quite the screamer.

benurd says:

+1 there is still nothing like webOS. We're getting close, but damn, it was the best.

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Best? LOL!

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glazedfaith says:

Yes, Best. Just because you don't believe / can't comprehend it doesn't mean it's not true.

jswinde says:

Yes, I truly miss the fluidity of my Palm Pre.

cshrader says:

I agree. I miss universal search too. I'm looking forward to the day Android handles contacts as well as webOS.

benurd says:

Oh cool. I noticed this today but didn't give it much thought. Another reason Google Now is my favorite app, ever!

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Troneas says:

why doesn't Drive show up on my list? yes, i have it installed :s

y2whisper says:

I guess this will rollout over the next days as it doesn't work for me.

drive doesn't show up for me either.