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Google has announced that its Search app on Android devices can now handle a number of different spoken languages at once, in an effort to help people who speak more than one language.

Google has just added this feature to the app, which should be rolling out now on the Google Play Store. In a blog post, the company said that once the update is downloaded, users can open Google Settings from their device's apps menu, tap Search & Now, then Voice, then Languages, and finally select the languages they want in order to enable the feature.

Google says:

"Google will automatically detect which language you're using. (For now, you need to stick to one language per sentence though.) You can select up to five languages total—enough to satisfy all but the most advanced polyglots. Whether you get a spoken response from Google depends on the language you use and your query (and you'll see more languages and features added over time)."

What do you think of this new feature and will you be using it if you speak more than one language on a regular basis?

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Google Search on Android can now understand multiple spoken languages at once


You'll need to separate that into two sentences though. Este es solo un ejemplo.

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Google Now is just frickin awesome, and it keeps getting frickin awesomer

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It's a bit buggy sometimes, but I love not having to select the languange hehe. I especially love it on Speech-to-Text, since I usually communicate in two languages. It was a PITA before selecting the language every time.

Oh I definitely will!!.. this new feature is actually something I've been wondering for a while now if it was possible, and thinking it'd be so cool if they made it happen.. I live in a Spanish-speaking country but I'm bilingual and I use my phone in English, especially google now for the spoken answers (most of which are not available in Spanish)

I speak both Spanish and English and when talk texting it gets annoying to change the language... So auto detection is awesome....

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Wow, I just tried it and it's bitterly disappointing. I thought I'd be able to say "send message to X" and then dictate the message in Spanish. It doesn't work like that. If you start in English, you have to dictate the message in English. I can of course say "enviar mensaje a X", but then (since for most X, there's more than one phone number), I have to select which phone number I want. Since my phone is set to English, these options are "mobile, work, home", etc. Now having started in Spanish, google won't pick up any of these words in English, nor will it recognize Spanish equivalents.

I just watched a video on Blackberrys updated voice search and it just seems so ancient from what I've been used to with Google now. I was contemplating getting a blackberry again and just using a tablet for all things Google but the more articles I read the less that seems possible. I guess I will still be getting the note 4.

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This is the kind of stuff that makes Google apps my go to. I can't use anything other Google Keyboard to switch between my three languages and now that Google Now will understand me in English , Spanish or German my life will be way easier.
In the end that's why I have my phone. To make my life easier.

Great! It will go a long way assisting and relieving those who has interest in a particular language other than the default ones,

I had to remove the secondary language (Spanish) from the settings because it would take way too long for it to decipher what I was saying. More times than not it would still get it wrong even with clear enunciation. Does anyone know if there is a setting I can change so that I can manually choose the language?

Works great, and because I've made English the main language instead of French I now have Google listening everywhere. Just awesome!

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