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We're knee deep into the day 2 keynote presentation at Google I/O, and we're expecting lots of Chrome news. The first piece that just dropped highlights the massive popularity of the Google Chrome browser. 

To date, there is now 310 million daily active users of the Chrome browser, which Google says makes it the worlds most popular browser. And, for the data nerds, there's some pretty impressive statistics that accompany it. 60billion words typed, 1TB of data downloaded, and 13 years saved each and every day within Chrome. Thats a whole lot. The keynote continues, so stay tuned for the rundown.


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Google says that Chrome is now the worlds most popular browser


Google says that Chrome its now the worlds most popular browser

Is that correct or should it be

Google says that Chrome is now the worlds most popular browser?

I don't care how popular Chrome is, I will continue to use Firefox on all my devices. Google has enough tendrils into my life and data.

Exactly. Doesn't matter what company you use, they all keep data on you. Apple, Microsoft, Google, Facebook and so in all know what your doing and where going. If you don't like it don't use computers, gaming systems, smartphone s, even your credit and debit cards show everything you buy and everywhere you travel. Plus worse than google, they can actually map out your precise locations and routines.