Google has just released its Q1 2013 earnings. The big numbers:

  • Nearly $14 billion in consolidated revenue, up 31 percent from the first three months of 2012.
  • GAAP operating income was $3.48 billion.
  • Motorola Mobility revenue was $1.02 billion
  • Google's got about $50 billion in cash on hand

We're kibitzing on the conference call this afternoon, so stay tuned for any Android-related snippets.

Source: Google

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etnpnys says:

"Google's got about $50 in cash on hand"

...I hope they have at least a little more than that...

Chiggin4 says:

"$50 in cash on hand"... Did I miss something there? I've got that too.

Still a loss of 172 Million for Motorola. Hopefully those "phenomenal" devices Eric Schmidt spoke about at Dive into Mobile are coming sooner rather than later

Ludacon says:

I believe a B was missed after the 50$. As in 50 BILLION. Well 50.1 to be exact according to the source

Hey. Look at that. You guys spotted where I forgot to type billions. Good catch. Move on. :p

You made a mistake... mere human.

lol. You sound like my wife. :p

DanSan says:

where does one go about safe keeping $50 billion in cash?...

dm-mm says:

In their Google Wallet?

etnpnys says:


etnpnys says:

Just pointing out the benefits of a QA team. :) It's becoming a lost art, which is sad for me as a QA professional.

dougpaw57 says:

Wow, I have more cash on me than Google does!


still1 says:

I really wish Motorola Mobility turn to profit.
So people buy xphone when it comes out :-)

Jdroid3 says:

I love this site

Jdroid3 says:

Motorola X phone will be my next upgrade