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In an unfortunate incident earlier this summer, the Jelly Bean statue on Google's lawn partially melted under the California sun, allowing thieves to make off with some of the delicious plastic beans inside. A fix had been promised, and now it's arrived -- a redesigned Jelly Bean statue has emerged from Building 44 (right), complete with reinforced, melt-resistant face.

Source: +Hugo Barra

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jackwagon06 says:

1stolen plastic jelly bean....check
Duct tape..........check

I know have jellybean on my dinc2.......priceless

Best comment ever :)

jackwagon06 says:

LOl thanks

moosc says:

I like the new one better

curley says:

I concur

Lord Dextro says:

The irony. Always thought "Ice Cream Sandwich" would have issues with the sun.

The antennae on the new one looks weird. No me gusta.

lightyear420 says:

so where can I buy one of these stolen jelly beans??

thedan862 says:

probably pop up on ebay.

_X_ says:

Wow this is the biggest news of the day

Grahaman27 says:


BigKenW says:

I want one of the "lost" jelly beans.