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Google's Niantic Labs have pushed out a new app called Field Trip, which simply pops up location-specific information cards as you wander or drive around town. It's vaguely Google Nowish in its predictions, and provides several channels of content, such as historic places and events, lifestyle, food and drink, cool and unique places, and plenty more. There's plenty of control over how many and what kind of notifications you get for this app through its various settings, so no worries about getting too annoyed with the app or having your battery drained into nothingness. Information can also be relayed over audio if you have a Bluetooth or wired headset plugged in. Content partners include big names like the Food Network, Zagat, Cool Hunting, and plenty of others. 

Unfortunately, Field Trip is currently only available in the U.S., but it still looks pretty awesome. I'd love to see something similar that uses voice instead, so you could leave your phone on the table during a conversation and have relevent Wikipedia articles pop up automatically as you talk. It's always weird spending the minute or two looking stuff up only to find the conversation has drifted somewhere else entirely. 

Anyway, it looks pretty sweet, and it's free to boot. iOS users will be able to get in on the fun shortly too. I hear they're having trouble getting around these days. 


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Google's Field Trip app pops up location-relevant info


Planning a trip next month, and I think I'll try this out. Looks pretty interesting for playing tourist.

The description says it runs in the background on your phone.
But I can't see any hint that it really does so. Anybody else?
Does not appear in my running task list, or my cached services.
Stealth mode!!

I'm thinking it run your maps, constantly updates your location to google, and they sent some kind of notitification to it.

Wow that video ad basically tells you absolutely nothing about the actual product well done modern advertisments

I'm already a big fan of this app. I recently moved to a new town and thanks to the app I found out that I live 500 feet from the birthplace one the signers of the Declaration of Independence!

It's already popped up on my phone a few times today. Would be passing a historical house or something and it would pop up just as I'm coming to it. Neat idea, could certainly be useful while cruising an unknown town while on vacation.

I have needed this app for the last 20 something years! I love finding odd ball places wherever I go.