Google Play Newsstand

New destination for newspaper, magazine and online content on Google Play

Google has today taken the wraps off Google Play Newsstand, its new app for consuming newspaper and magazine content on mobile devices. Newsstand combines Play Magazines and Google Currents, and is available as an update to the former on the Play Store from today.

For the first time users can subscribe to newspapers as well as magazines, with launch titles including The New York Times, The Guardian, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, and Huffington Post. These join the range of magazines already available through the old Google Play Magazines app, as well as web-based content you may have subscribed to through Google Currents. The main "Read Now" section incorporates all this content into a scrolling card-based view, and you can view and manage individual subscriptions from the "My News" and "My Magazines" areas. It's also possible to save individual articles of interest and pin them to the "Bookmarks" section for quick access later on. And naturally, these are synchronized across all your devices.

So Newsstand is supposed to be your one-stop shop for written content on the web, whereas things were split between Currents and Play Magazines before. And the addition of leading newspapers to the mix is an important step for Google, to be sure.

Google says Play Newsstand will be available on devices in the U.S., Canada, UK and Australia as an update from Play Magazines in the next few days. Other countries can download it directly from Google Play. Check past the break for more screenshots and Google's introductory video.


Reader comments

Google rolls Play Magazines and Currents into Play Newsstand


Received this about an hour ago.. nice UI.. but Currents is STILL installed.. similar to Hangouts and Messaging apps...!?

Currents was a huge memory hog and battery killer. If they didn't do something about that then I will be disabling this new combo app.

agreed. i uninstalled Currents and since i can't uninstall this pig of an App from my Nexus 5 i went in and removed all of the "My News" pre-set sources and since i can't turn off sync i limited sync to "Only on WIFI" and "Only while Charging". this is the best you can do. i hate resource/battery/data hogging crap Apps like this that want to run in the background and that i never use. i really don't like these "Blog/Magazine" style news apps - very inefficient to read with all the photos/bad layout/wasted space.

Root. Titanium Backup. Freeze or Uninstall. Problem solved.

You have an N5 and are on this site. Saying you can't uninstall something is the equivalent of saying you had no choice in phone. It's a lie.

Actually, he hadn't stated he didn't want to root his device. So his point was actually quite invalid. He CAN uninstall the app.

This isn't me being on a high horse. This is me pointing out that, contrary to popular belief, YOU CAN UNINSTALL ANY AND ALL APPS.

yeah i don't really want to Root my device - i don't know how and i have no desire or inclination to learn. as an alternative - i could also "Disable" the App via stock Kit Kat in Settings but i really try to avoid "Disabling" any official Google apps because i just don't know what kind of interactivity Gremlins could be unleashed on my device.

No problem, that's your prerogative. Of course, you should've opened with, "I would rather not root my device, so I'm currently unable to uninstall it." My point remains, albeit now that you've said that it is rendered moot.

Just disable the app. If any gremlins show up, enable it again. Problem solved either way.

Settle down. There are plenty of good reasons for not wanting to root. I can't because rooting breaks compatibility with corporate email.

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Another one, huh? Okay, since he didn't actually state rooting was out of the question then my answer is quite valid and acceptable.

Here's a tip, just in case others come along, you can actually uninstall root after doing what you need to with it.

Example. Don't like an app that you "can't" uninstall. Root. Uninstall app. Unroot. Corporate email continues working perfectly. GASP!

I'm in the camp of "I don't want to Root my device". This doesn't necessarily mean I can't root or haven't rooted before. I just don't want to deal with that process on my shiny new Nexus 5 and void warranty.

They removed the option to have new magazine issues auto download. This new app seems more about currents and magazines are just a pesky intruder. Not too happy with it.

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Ok, I understand you all need to make money with ads. That's why I don't block them. But the ads that drop down and pull up are annoying as H.E. Double Hockey Sticks!

I'm trying to post and the comment box goes down, then up. Or I'm trying to scroll down and it goes too far or jumps back up. Just annoying.

Just saying...

If this means magazines, eg. Fast Company, will roll their Currents and Magazine content into one paid magazine subscription, Google will be dead to me. Otherwise, I'm pumped! Don't know why people bag on Currents so much.

People bag on Currents because they wanted an update to Reader, not a new app that loses what was great about it and replaces it with stuff that mostly only appeals to the content providers and not the users.

Now Reader is just gone and Currents/Newsstand lives on as an answer to a question that very few people ever asked ("how do I make reading all the latest news from the different sites I like less convenient and more like reading 10 different magazines?").

I prefer Pulse over Currents/Play Newsstand. I suppose it depends on which app drains the least resources for me. :-)

Anyone else getting "The first time you use Newsstand, you need to be online."? I am online but keep getting this message.

I uninstalled all updates (the app reverted to Google Play Magazines), I opened that one and registered with my google account there. After that, updating the app fixed the issue.

Is this going to include a publishing platform like iOS Newsstand? If so, I'm excited. Otherwise, yawn.

Saw the play store app got updated and then saw that I also got the new app as well. Both now on the phone and looking awesome!

Looks like the culmination of Reader, Currents, Magazines, with the functionality of Pocket (Read It Later) or Instapaper built in. But will anyone who's not already using Play Magazines switch?

It seems to have done away with the currents widget. I used that a ton. Hopefully they bring that back in a quick update.

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I don't use any of the 3 so it would have been awesome if it removed currents and magazines but instead it's just a 3rd waste of space

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Anybody else wants the "news & weather" app to dissappear? Like I disabled it but I'm wondering when Google will delete that app permanently and end our suffering. It's even not Holo & serves no purpose.

This is a welcomed addition, but I won't use it as much as I'd like to.

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Sooo... I have the new app and yet still have Currents. I see it imported my content from there though. Guess I can just go ahead and uninstall Currents now....

Posted from my Nexus 7 via Android Central App