Google just made a fairly major tweak to its mobile image search. As you can see above, a web-based image search now looks and feels almost like it's being done natively, on your Android phone. Thumbnails have been optimized for speed, you can flick your way through photos and the black background makes you forget you're in a web browser. OK, so you You don't get the zooming effects like you will in an on-device gallery, but it greatly cleans up the mobile interface. And it's pretty darn cool, if you ask us. Go ahead and give it a shot. [Google]


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Google revamps mobile image search for Android, makes it look nearly native


Works great on N1. For zooming all you have to do is click on view full size and you can pinch to zoom your little heart away :)

Another app I can't use on my Sprint Hero. But my Hero is history tomorrow when I pickup my Incredible from BB.

Doesn't seem to work on my G1, still looks the way it always has. Video looks cool though... can't wait to see it in person.

I swear I love Google...I could actually hug Google employees. It's always something cool they are giving us! It's like they upgrade my nexus everyday!

Oh and guys if you want pinch to zoom just click on the "view full size" tab, and pinch and zoom away! :) The small pics actually blow up nicely so there is some nice resolution in those pics.

Wow this is incredible, I'm impressed by how quickly you can flick between photos. The sad part is is that I can flick between photos faster with Google Image search on T-Mobile's 3G than I can in the gallery app.

color me impressed. It suddenly "feels" like my phone has endless photos in my "photo album" aka google image search.