Patent lawsuit

Google responded this week to Oracle's lawsuit that states the big G has infringed on a handful of Java related patents while developing Android.  It's pretty much exactly what you would expect, as Google denies any infringement, but they didn't just stop there, Google continues their line that Oracle's actions affect more than Android.

"It's disappointing that after years of supporting open source, Oracle turned around to attack not just Android, but the entire open source Java community with vague software patent claims"

For the average non-legal eagles, that's about where it ends.  But Nilay Patel (who is a legal eagle) over at Engadget has put up his take on it, and it makes for a hell of an interesting read.  Head over to the source link and have a look. [Engadget]


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Google responds to Oracle's patent suit


Not to mention that at the time Google "infringed" Oracle wasn't even in the picture. They own Sun now, so they say "wow success GIVE IT TO ME ITS MINE!!"


I have a feeling Oracle is going to become the new SCO. Just uninstalled OpenOffice and moved to LibreOffice. Man that uninstall survey was a lot of fun!