As the patent world turns ... The Wall Street Journal, citing unnamed sources, this morning reports that Google is in talks with InterDigital Inc. about acquiring the "technology developer and licenser" in the wake of its failed bidding for that Nortel patent suite.

The WSJ story says IngerDigital owns around 8,800 patents regarding transmitting wireless data, noise-cancellation and other technology for cellular phones and networks.

Source: WSJ; More: Google and patents


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Google reportedly in talks to purchase alternate patent suite from InterDigital


IDCC stock value sky rocketed since Monday from $41 to $74+ and still rising.
Congrats to those investors out there holding IDCC.

Someone posted yesterday, that IngerDigital patents are worth more weight over the Nortel patents. I think Google knew this and increased the bid to Pi billion so the other companies would be forced to bid more.

Then they can buy these patents.

If that REALLY was their plan all along...Google was acting like some sneaky dogs haha. Make the other companies waste cash on lesser patents so they'll be less inclined to spend alot on the GOOD patents.

And of course, if Google buys RIM (which they should), then they'll have access to BOTH pots of patents, and then Apple/everyone else will have to back off of Android.

Everyone wins in the end (if Google buys IngerDigital patents and RIM that is)

they defeinitely need to fatten their patent portfolio. they can't let the patent trolls get away with their "legal fun". buy RIM while you're at it.

Google HAS to win these patents. It is too damn important. No matter the cost, Google must lay down the cash. They definitely have it!

They definitely have truckloads of money but Microsoft and Apple both have more and bigger trucks full of money. The fact is Google couldn't beat the consortium that beat them on the Nortell auction. I hope they can pull this one out.

Too bad for Google they didn't keep this quiet. Price tag is going up now and Apple has a $76B war chest.

Apple would not be allowed to get in on this after the Nortel consortium deal netted them LTE & 4G patents. The Justice Dept would shut them down real quick I'm betting. If Google gets this wrapped up they will however have a significant tool in their battle chest to use against Microsoft & Apple. "Oh you want to sue our hardware vendors over this eh? Well we know own the patent to this so we are invalidating your license til you pay up! What's that you want to discuss other options? OK get that $76 billion dollar checkbook out & let's hear it." To be a fly on the wall in that meeting would be really fun....

What really sucks over this whole issue is that there can not be any new mobile company. If you dont have patents no way a startup can get into this race.

Google should get their OEM's to help out if they need the extra cash to beat Apple and Microsoft. HTC, Samsung, Sony and LG are all huge and have very deep pockets. This will definitely give them leverage in a bidding war!

Someone. Anyone, please just google "Google ". I believe you'll get a web page that says this, " Google - Just good business... ".

Is it just me or is Google really acting frantic at this point going from door to door to door looking for something to fight off the hordes. I think they are seriously worried which makes me worried.