Uber Google Wallet

Several apps or mobile shopping sites offering deals for paying with Google

If you've signed up for Google Wallet, chances are you received an email tonight reminding you of several different promotions Google is currently running in conjunction with its payment partners. Hoping to get people past that crucial first purchase with the service online, Google is offering promotions for making purchases with Google Wallet on six different Android apps:

All you have to do is visit the app or mobile site and make a purchase with your Google Wallet account, and they'll handle the discount for you. Pretty slick, isn't it? Additionally, Google is highlighting six more apps or sites that accept Google Wallet as payment, but don't have special promotions at this time:

There are no special URLs to follow for the deals (although we've linked them all above), but if you're curious what the email looks like and didn't receive it, you can find it after the break.

Google Wallet email

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swimmaholic says:

I really wish AT&T supported Google Wallet... I would use it so much

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Using Google Wallet in apps and on the web to make purchases has no bearing on what carrier you use.

ejraney says:

Yeah but I can't buy a Big Mac with Google Wallet from an AT&T phone.
Granted that wasn't the point of this article.

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mwara244 says:

Same with Verizon.

This blocking of Google wallet has to be a violation of the Unfair Business Practices act. How the F*&^ does google let The carriers dictate what they can and can't do or offer in the play store that is for everyone? Blocking Google wallet in favor of ISIS is complete BS. Especially since ISIS is gonna nickel and dime you to use their services when Google is free for the consumer and ISIS will bill the Merchant and consumer

xolanir says:

I have a Verizon galaxy nexus, and I use my Google wallet every chance I get. Verizon cannot block it really, they just don't support it, but there's ways around that.

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It'd be great if I could actually use Wallet on my Verizon phone....but....Uh.....yeah......

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Darnell0216 says:

I'd love to but my Sprint S4 gives me a "Device or network not supported" message now, when I used it just fine last week.

coolbreeze78 says:

HTC One. *crickets * sad really ...

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Wish I could use it on T-Mo, butvas others have said.....well.

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Oh and I just installed the Verizon supported Isis on my Verizon Droid DNA and guess what? It's not supported! So thanks to Verizon I have NO wallet options.

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1746bklynave says:

Looks like Google is making heading way when it comes to web and apps but NFC part of wallet is pretty much a no show.

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cagedbutfree says:

Apologies in advance, but if Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile does not support wallet - Who the heck is this offer for in the USA? ??

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Tower72 says:

I believe the HTC One on Sprint uses it, and a family member with US Cellular has it on his Galaxy s3. When I had Verizon and my Galaxy Nexus, I used it alot as well

PittsPgh says:

I installed it on my HTC ONE. But i don't have anywhere to use it. That I go to.


rlbrooks says:

Unless I'm really missing something here, Sprint offers it for all their flagship phones. I have it on my Evo LTE.


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Zammo76 says:

So when is this going to be available in the UK?

curtisk228 says:

I would like to use it here at all my local supermarkets, pharmacies and retail stores but I can't do that with Sprint! Cuz for Google Wallet to work you need a F*CK1N6 SIGNAL! C'mon Sprint ya killing me here! And you're killing a great app if we can't ever use it!

jakemac93 says:

Well I live in Canada...soooo....

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ACADM says:

Might help Google if it was available outside the US.

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