Play Movies & TV for iOS

Watch the shows and films you've purchased right on your Apple iOS device

We know that plenty of you fine folks have an iPad or even an iPhone as a companion for your trusty Android. It's cool, none of us here judge and most of us have an Apple product or two laying around as well. They just got a little bit better if you're entrenched in Google Play.

The Play Movies & TV app for iOS has been released, and it's not half bad. You can't purchase or rent through it — we imagine that's a way around Apple's fees — but you can watch anything you've rented through the Android app or from a desktop browser. Protip — Chrome for iOS is a desktop browser. Wink wink, nod nod. There's even support for the Chromecast.

Anyhoo, if you've been wanting this one, you can grab it through the App Store.

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Google releases Play Movies & TV for iOS


While I wouldn't use it, I agree 100%. These two companies need to stop bickering — no matter how one sided the bickering seems — and do some shit for the people buying their stuff.

Won't ever happen, because Apple earns money on hardware and its user experience. So they're not going to share the experience with other platforms. Whereas Google is aiming at web services and advertising, so it's in their interest to make it available on as much devices as possible.

ITunes on my PC is a piece of crap compared to the Mac version. I understand Apple wants to make their version better, but still...

Seriously though, why hasn't this happened already? I use Amazon Instant Video all the time on my Xbox One and it sucks that I can't take it on the go.

Two words: Kindle Fire. It sucks, but that's how Amazon keeps its tablet relevant. Until Fire goes under or it sells enough to secure itself in the market, it's holding onto Video.

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You make a really good point. I just HATE when they post articles about things that are useful to a large portion of users.

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Didn't need chromecast support tho...
Youtube purchased tab would show your Play movie items then you could stream to chromecast. Still I'm happy to see it.
Let's see Amazon add chromecast support to their instant video app and I'm solid.

Searching the App Store on the iPad returned no results. However, opening this article on the iPad and clicking on the link did find the app, and I was able to download it. Works well, with Chromecast capability even.

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Google is making it harder and harder to care if we have an iPhone or an Android device... which I'm sure is their ultimate goal anyway.

That's not an iOS restriction, plenty of video apps stream over mobile data. Netflix being the big one! Google haven't enabled pinning for offline viewing either, I'm guessing they've rushed this out and these features will be added over time.

What a JOKE! And I will tell you why.. If you are iOS user you can download the app and use it.. If it's not in supported countries like mine (Bulgaria) you just change regions in itunes settings and you are ready to go... If you are like me with Android device. You need to use VPN to download the app, google need to change your cookies so you can use it.. If you don't use Vpn time to time it will go back to your original country and you are f*cked up... So tell me how stupid are people from Google.. Can't they just add change regions and we all be happy!!!

Hell has frozen over. You could before though watch a play movie on YouTube its where their stored. My friends love iPhone but I doubt this will phase them. Most iPhone users don't think much of android or other devices. This might slowly change that though.

Amazon let's you read kindle on multiple devices. Google does too. Google let's you use Google music on any device. And now movies and TV. Even if you can't buy you can still view it. Apple blocks that anyways.

When are people going to ask. "Why can't I use iTunes on android or browser?". Or, "Why can't I watch iTunes movies on other devices but google can." I hope this slowly shakes things up.

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It makes me very happy to hear this, It would have been plain WRONG if countries like Sweden got ANY of the play content services at least on android before they started working on apple devices.