Google has a neat Chromecast application to show off today. Photowall lets you and your friends get together and display images right on your television.

You can create a Photowall using your Android phone or tablet, or from your laptop using the Photowall Google Chrome Experiment page. Everyone sends photos to the big screen, and when you're finished the application automatically generates a video and drops it on YouTube so you can share it with friends who weren't around to help make it.

It seems like a nicely done little application — both on the Android side and the web app itself, and we'll be playing with it ourselves. If you have a Chromecast, give it a try!

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Google releases a Photowall app experiment for Chrome and Android


Showing pics on the TV? Umm... everyone?
Do you have a better way to show off all those pictures to a group of people standing around you?

When I gave my dad a Chromecast for Xmas, the first question he asked me was "can I view my photos on the TV?"

I think the market for this feature is much larger than you think.

Photos were one of the first things I tried to use when opening my new Chromecast. I'm staggered it wasn't there from the get-go. However, this doesn't look like the only solution. Let's have a Plex-style way to trawl our existing collections (and videos too, please).

If you have adblocker on your device, you will need to add* and* to your whitelist

They need to natively built into Android options like showing pics on the TV, videos, music to work directly with Chromecast without using other apps like All Cast. .

You cant send stuff like photos, music and videos from your phone to the TV through Chromecast. Only can with All Cast.

"nicely done little application"?
Did you guys actually try using it first? This app is awful. The login process (why is there a login process?) takes far longer than it should and the application capability is extremely limited.
In short, this app sucks.
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