A lot of the best applications for Android is made by Google themselves so when Google announces a new Android Application, we pay attention. This new one from Google is called My Tracks which serves as a GPS tracking application. Specifically:

My Tracks records tracks of outdoor activities using the phone's built-in GPS. It shows these tracks on a map and presents live statistics, including an elevation profile. And here's the best part: it lets you easily share your activities with friends and the world using Google Maps, as well as archive your training history with Google Docs.


You can just download the application from Android Market and be on your tracking way! No dongles necessary, no additional desktop software required. Here's a specific list of things that can be done with My Tracks:


  • Record and visualize GPS tracks while running, hiking, biking, skiing — or any other outdoor activity
  • Get live statistics, such as total/moving time, (average) speed, distance, and elevation profile
  • Send performance statistics to Google Docs to build a training history
  • Mark places and describe activities for others to discover via Google Maps

If you're eager to learn more about this new app, click the jump to see a video of My Tracks in action!

[Official Google Blog]


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Google Releases My Tracks, A GPS Tracking Application for Android


I just read the article and watched the video on the new my tracks app! looks really cool! I have been using the app CardioTrainer for a couple months and then sharing by exporting into my maps (CT provides an exportable kml that you can send to my maps -- same place as my tracks). Just wondering if anybody has used both apps. I feel like CardioTrainer is more for actual training and my tracks is just a GREAT standard gps tracking app, but I'm impressed with the google app! What do you think?!

here's a link to the CardioTrainer page incase you want to give that a try too! www.worksmartlabs.com/cardiotrainer/about.php ..i find the CardioTrainer audio cues really helpful during a long run!

There are a new innovative application for tracking and keep contact with people. He's Ofollowme (she is about following). Just tape "Ofollowme" on Google Play search and try it. It's very good