Google Hangouts has had a significant batch of updates for enterprise users. Hangouts are now supported just the same as all of the other Google Apps for Business, which includes terms of service, certifications, and 99.9% guaranteed uptime. Third-party solutions providers now have a bunch of extra utilities available to extend Hangouts further in business. Admins can now remotely start, mute, and end a meeting, in addition to managing other Google Apps from their dedicated console.

These improvements go as much for the Android side as the built-for-business Chromeboxes and other platforms. Soon Chromeboxes will support hangouts across multiple local monitors. UK and Japan business users will be able to snag a Chromebox soon in addition to the current rollout available in the U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

How many of you guys use Google Apps regularly for work? Is video conferencing a big part of your routine?

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Google promises to make Hangouts a reliable tool for business


many businesses i know still use Skype and Outlook. You still need G+ to use Hangouts to start with. That's a dealbreaker.

how about google first start by improving the hangouts video quality.

Mobile hangouts video quality is a joke compared to facetime. I hear it's a real data hog too

Facetime is only 1 to 1 video chat and only works on Apple devices.
Hangouts is a collaboration tool that supports group video conferencing, screen sharing, is cross platform, etc...

Comparing the two services is apples to oranges.

How about making Google Voice reliable? I don't get voicemail notifications when I have VM. I get VM notifications when I don't have VM. Transcriptions are a joke.

I would think that the better request would be for Google Voice to finally get integrated into Hangouts. I think Hangouts has that reliability you are looking for between devices, etc. Additionally, Google Voice, to my knowledge, is not part of the Google Apps for Business suite.

Hangouts video conferencing is still not a good as Skypes, especially with a low bandwidth connection. I can easily use Skype video over 4G, hangouts is hit and miss.

Screen sharing just as good?
Conferencing with 10+ people just as good?
There are great plugins and addons for Hangouts that improve the usability of Hangouts.

Does Skype all that just as well?

Lol Something called "Hangouts" just doesn't mix well with "Enterprise". If you're large enough to be considered an enterprise, there are a lot better solutions out there than anything Google can provide. Especially if you're a Microsoft shop (ex. Lync)!

How about making video calls a great experience instead of the choppy audio and video. Skype, FaceTime are way better.

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Odd, my Hangouts uses my contact's pictures from the address book. Though my contacts pictures are pulled from Facebook using and the address book is off an exchange server. It has been this way since Hangouts came out. I started using it exclusively when SMS started working reliably, which I think was the 3 update maybe? It has been too long to remember or care.

Amusing timing- I just had to use my phone to do a video conference call with Hangouts after it failed miserably on my desktop PC, despite the fact that I use it every morning for a staff meeting. I don't think that it liked having multiple accounts open or something.

I had no clue so many had complaints about video quality.. I video chat with Hangouts every single day, an average of 20GB every month and I have no complaints, audio is quick and clear and video looks great, even mirrored in 1080p on my big screen. I mostly use Comcast cable and sometimes T-Mobile LTE, I even chat with an iPhone 4S over HSPA+, but have no issues either way here in Provo where everything is super fast. So I feel bad for you guys, move to a G Fiber city I guess :p

No one has mentioned any of the real enterprise solutions for this, such as Webex or Go to Meeting...Is it Google's intention to get Hangouts to be on the same level as those two? If so I should bring this forward to management.