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Google's content portal for Android apps, music, books and video content has been consolidated under a new name -- Google Play. Google Play which is now live on the web at, will replace the old Android Market, Google Music, Google Books and Videos service, giving users  a clear one-stop location for content.

The way you buy music, apps and other content from Google through the web, or your phone or tablet won't change, but the branding behind the places where you get your content will. Instead of heading several differently-named stores for each type of content, it'll all be available under the Google Play portal.

Android (2.2+) users with the old Android Market app installed will soon see it updated to Play Store, while Google's Music, Movies and Books apps for Android will be updated to incorporate the new Play branding.

So it's an important step for Google as a content provider, existing users shouldn't notice too many changes in the way app, music and video purchasing works. You can still rent a movie once and watch it on YouTube, your phone or your tablet. And you can still send apps to your phone from Play, just as you could with the Android Market.

We've got a brief introductory video after the break. Check back later for a more extensive walkthrough.

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Google Play unveiled - the new place for Music, Apps, Books and Video


Typically the market updates independently of other software in the background. Usually you don't even get a notification, but with the major branding change they might send a notification.

I'm sorry, all I saw in that video was a big "Where's my Water" ad. 

As for the rebranding, and Google's shift to selling books, music, and video... I get why they're doing it from a business standpoint, but I'm still primarily interested in apps, and I don't like that all of the other stuff is shouldering in just as much prominence. 

Does anyone else think that the update to the music app that changes the name displayed under the app icon to "Play Music" is a bit silly. What if I just want to see what is in my library.

I like that they are trying to better unify their content store, and I love the app discounts! But I think it is a risky move going with the Play moniker and eliminating Android branding from the store. Reason being when you see an advertisement for an app they will say download now on the App Store and the Android Market... people would know that brand recognition... download now on the Play Store?!?

For apps, that could be a bit of a problem but if it becomes as well known as iTunes, then it won't matter. You can buy more than just "tunes" on iTunes, like apps, movies and books right? The problem with the Android Market name is people think it only works on Android. In reality, though, you can also play movies, music and read books on your PC too. Music can even be downloaded to your PC and put on other MP3 players. Google Play incorporates the internet and can include other devices like Google TV, which don't have the Android name attached to them.

They could keep the Android Market name on Android devices I guess, like the App Store on iOS (or is that the iTunes App store?). I don't see the name change being too big of a deal when people start saying "download in the Google Play store" though.

yep, my thoughts exactly.. this move makes no sense to me. Android has finally made a name for itself and now they go and rename a big part of it?! this is going to confuse a lot of average users who are going to call one of us freaking out cause they can't find the "Market" on their phone anymore. I actually got a txt message from Verizon notifying of this change so it's good to see Big Red is taking up front measures for the inevitable onslaught of confused customers!

Agreed. If they want to push their name, fine, but Google Market makes a lot more sense than Google Play.

I hate the stupid name and icon. Adults do not relish the idea of getting their programs at a play store. Integrating is fine, but the word "play" trivializes. Most men will not like referring to the market as the play store, probably women either, but as a guy I cannot speak for them.

What moron came up with this kiddie name? Why in the world did it ever make it out of committee? Whose running this place anyway?

I declined this a handful of times and still haven't accepted it. I hope they do stats on that. I would surmise that most people will try to decline it thinking it to be some game site.

I will start looking for a new market. Back to Appbrain? Someone will step up and still offer security.

You forgot a little something there, Google owns search, or most of it. "Google Play" will show up as the first result as soon as you typed "pl".

I figured something was up. I'm in Canada and my Market still shows NFL Superbowl apps. Change is good.

Awesome idea. Stupid name. I think it might hurt Android in the business sector. Do you want your employees using a phone with an App Store or a Play Store? Just doesn't sound professional to me.

This is a bad move by Google. I understand their desire to emphasize the android market can move content to devices that don't run Android, but "Google Play" does not communicate what it does, i.e. sell apps, movies, music, and books.

Besides, you don't "play" apps or "play" books...unless you're Blackberry.

Google Market would have been a much better moniker in my opinion.

I think the term "Market", as it was, communicates an all-inclusive place to buy digital media from Google. The term "Play", like many of these comments say, does not make as much sense for books or Android apps.

I believe the term "play" refers to leisure. The store's purpose is for entertainment. Makes sense to me.

Also, having a stand-out name is free advertising because people start debating the name, and/or making fun of it. Remember the iPad jokes? everyone knew what an iPad was.

Except that now the individual parts now sound stupid. Google Play Music and Google Play Books. If someone asked me, what's the purpose of Google Play before I knew what it was, I would have never have guessed that it was a place to buy books or apps.

gosh I am glad it's not just me that thinks this is a bad idea... I mean it's not Buzz bad but it's a pretty bad move.

All in all, i like the branding move (except that hideous logo). And it gets android away from anything similar to "app store" which ultimately will let them distinguish themselves from crApple.

I actually welcome the brand change. Kind of unify's all devices with access to the store as "true Google devices", not just "Android devices".

Google music is broken. I downloaded a couple of free music tracks from google but it won't sync to my phone. I can go the web and download the tracks to my hard drive.

New name, new icon. Everything else is the same sh**, if you can get over that then you shouldnt be using an android. It doesnt function better, it doesnt function worser. Shut up and move on with ur life

I am with pug_ster. Google Music is broken. There is no way to access PAID content from google apps. Had to download to hard drive and then use OTHER cloud services.