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Update: Both Nexus 4 models are already sold out in the EU, less than an hour after going on sale. The Nexus 10 16GB remains available for sale at the time of writing. Google's been having some technical difficulties, as the Play Store grinds to a halt under the demand for orders. In addition, the 3G, 32GB Nexus 7 has also appeared for sale on Google Play today.

We're told to expect Google to begin taking U.S. orders around 9am PT.

Original article: Happy Nexus day, boys and girls. As promised, the LG Nexus 4 and Samsung Nexus 10 are now available to buy from the Google Play Store in the United Kingdom, and other selected territories (as you'll recall, Australia got it a few hours back). Right now countries lucky enough to have a Google Play devices store can order the new Nexus phone and tablet for delivery in the coming days.

Here's how the Google Play pricing breaks down --

Device U.S. Canada U.K. Europe Australia
Nexus 4 8GB $299 C$309 £239 299€ A$349
Nexus 4 16GB $349 C$359 £279 349€ A$399
Nexus 10 16GB $399 C$409 £319 399€ A$469
Nexus 10 32GB $499 C$509 £389 499€ A$569

Let us know you're getting along with your Nexus orders down in the comments. And while you wait for delivery, there's plenty of Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 coverage here on Android Central. Be sure to check out our reviews of the Nexus 4 and Nexus 10, and check by the forums for a whole lot of great discussion on both devices.

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Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 go on sale via Google Play in Europe [update: N4 sold out]


Not in Canada. I called the Play Store and they said 9 AM PST. If they do show up before then I'll be happy too.

Oh and it's quickly edited. lol

androidcentral WTF. always had faith in you guy's.. it's not available for anyone, and a million people on xda-developers reports that it will be available at 9am PST. Thanks for losing my faith in you :(

Google must be timing it and and doing sub launches by region to better control traffic? only thing i can think of with not seeing it here in maryland yet

Oops, we had trouble processing your request. We're working on fixing the issue. Please try again later.

Did you get the email confirmation already? I'm still waiting for mine, even though if i look at my google wallet account i have a shipping date estimate.

We're sorry, there was an error


My credit card is in my hand Google :) Off to browse Google Music instead now...

£1.29 a track!!? That's 30p more than everywhere else

In my basket but just can't pay for it


Fellow AndroidCentralers, I think we need a plan

If you all let me complete my order first, I will then let you all know, so you can then try yourselves

Alex (or maybe someone else) edited the article after it was published. Before it was edited it clearly stated that the US was part of the release.

I was there within seconds of them going on sale and couldn't complete a purchase. I even got as far as selecting my shipping address before it failed. Tried over 50 times.

16GB all sold out now.

8GB says "In Stock", 16GB says "coming soon" (again it was "in stock")

Sold out in 22 minutes (just like Aus)

Had the same issue :( Was kinda hoping Google might have learnt some lessons from the Nexus 7 delivery debacle, but guess not...

My order had said it was failed but I've now received a receipt for the purchase in my e-mail - so I think I did get one.

Maybe the error I finally got once I got to the checkout was just an error displaying the confirmation page and not an error with the actual purchase?

Anyway, I won't get too keen until it actually ships.

I faced huge difficulties on buying it but I think that I did it. The first time I received the receipt online but there was a ambiguous statement saying that my card wasn't credited. I thought that this was an error so I tried to order it again but I received an error on the top of the page saying something "We couldn't handle your request, try again." (or something like that). However, moments after I received an email with the receipt of my first try saying that I actually bought it and my credit card wasn't credited because it will be credited after the dispatch. A little confusing, but I believe that I order it successfully.
Just for the records, my super awesome alert system notified my that the "NOTIFY MY" button changed to "ADD TO CART" at 08:12:30 GMT (00:12:30 PST) and I had my order completed at 08:12:44 GMT (00:12:44 PST). Just in 14 seconds. Phew...


I've been waiting with glee to order this bad boy and now they're SOLD OUT???? Before a lot of people in the UK are even AWAKE???????


Amusingly, just had an email from Google saying it's now available. Except the 16gb has already changed to "coming soon".

I received the notification email from Google that Nexus 4 is now available but I received that after the sold out. Bad timing for Google.

I'm in the US and the Play Store Page and sometimes seems to have an overflow. I have set the page with an auto refresh feature in Chrome.

I recieved the confirmation-mail after the N4 was sold out. Wouldn't rely on this and check the play-page every few minutes... Got mine nevertheless.

I had an add to card button on the 16gb at 8:06am but when the card loaded it gave an error and wne t back to 'email me when available' so I guess it sold out in under 6 minutes!

8GB is still available and lets me buy but I don't want one of those :(


I have a notification for the Nexus 10, but not for the Nexus 4. As I type this the 8GB Nexus 4 is available in the UK, but not the 16GB version.

Anyone manage to order a 16GB Nexus 4 in the UK? Is it that it's already sold out (after, what, 20 mins? Something like that) or has it yet to become available?


I'll tell you what, at around 10 past 8 I was trying to place my order for the 16g,but no luck and just error messages, I wonder how many they had in Stock.. Cause it's total bs

according to my amazing google skills, it's 8am(ish) in the UK. so does that mean that the US could see a similar launch time? and if so, do we think it could be PST vs EST?

chill there buddy, no need to use caps. And for some, yes breakfast is NOW!!!! sheesh. (my brother the bread man is on his way to work now so you can have fresh bread when you go to the store)

i want one so badly that i'm contemplating the 8GB now, though i know that would be just foolish. THIS IS THEIR PLAN. STOP IT GOOGLE. RELEASE MORE 16GBS

This has to be the worst online purchase ever. I purchased the device at 8.28 am, but there was a problem with the purchase according to Google. No confirmation, nothing. I checked my credit card, and the money has been authorised. Spoke to Google, the rep said the device is not really available to purchase until 5pm UK(9am in the US). I asked why it let me try to purchase, and she had no answer. So for now I am 290 quid down, and need to wait until 5pm before anything can change

It sounds like she misspoke, because it was definitely selling out in the UK.

The US launch period is 9AM PST/12PM EST.

I got an email from Google at 8.43am (London time) that they are available. I checked for 16gb version at 8.33am and it was sold out. 8gb one sold out around 8.50am. I am not desperate for them to throw a hissie but I wouln't mind getting one this week.

How unlucky can I be, got to the delivery address and confirm payment page, but as I was completing this the error message came back.

Is this all just a crafty (bad) PR move from Google?? Limit supply so you can hit the news with 'New Google branded phone sells out in 20 minutes' style stories

They copied the "super-important-prototype-lost-in-a-bar"-Pr-stunt as well, so I'm pretty sure this is the way they handle these things...

Update to my earlier post - I received my confirmation email. So the Google rep I spoke to was lying. Man, how can Google have f****d up so badly.

Around 10 minutes(16GB)/25minutes (8GB) until they sold out in Germany... madness =D

Got mine anyways (at least hopefully, got the confirmation email, would be mad if google ruins it at this point)

E: The N10 was not for sale, right? There's still the "Will be available on Nov, 13th" notification)

Congrats then. For me its my first ever smartphone, have been stuck with an Samungs S-3310 for the last 3 years or so... Served me well to be honest, but I just needed a nice new toy ;)

Cant wait for the delivery...3 to 5 days, blaaah =D

are you in the UK? asking because I know it will not let you process a UK order with a credit card that originates outside of the EU.

I was attempting to make the purchase with the 16g already in my cart.. But kept getting error messages, then the phone vanished from my cart and right after... Out of stock! Bs I say, waited all night, first ten minutes of just error then sold out!
Badly prepared I say Google.

Received an email here in the UK at 8:38. Now showing "Coming Soon" in the Play Store :(

Very surprised that they disappeared so quickly. I guess that's a good thing but still disappointed!

I thought i had failed - but then I got an email showing i had actually placed 2 orders (both for 16GB, with bumper) and the transactions appeared in my Bank and in my Play account. I didn't get any success confirmations at actual order placement - all my attempts looked like failures. I've cancelled the later of the 2 orders - so that should be 1x 16GB unit back into stock!

Very disappointed. Sold my S3 two weeks ago ready for this phones, who know when i'll be connected again! Again tried 20 times, pressed the final accepted button after entering my address and selecting card and error! Was trying from 8:15 till sellout.

I can deal with missing the boat, but c'mon Google, please keep us in the loop with regards to new stock!

Like I said earlier guys, I spoke to Google and they said officially 5pm UK time for orders. Let's wait until then! I still need to order 2 more.

Here's a novel idea, allow pre-ordering. Its pretty simple right.

Incredibly disappointing morning, go the email at 8.39 while driving to work, by the time I got here at 9.00 it was sold out.

Pretty shambolic showing from Google, I expected better

Yup, feels like the Touch Pad fire sale all over again.

It can't be that difficult to take orders and place them in a first come first shipped basis.

I've been soul searching as to whether to purchase a Nexus 4 or to go out on a limb and try a Lumia 820 this time around for a change of pace - one of my collaegues has an 820 and it is really quite lovely, but I'd decided that for the app ecosystem and all that I'd probably be better going with the N4, even if I was horribly disappointed with the max 16gb storage (I knew no nexus would come with SD support).

And now, having got burned in the N7 shipping debacle, I find that when I'd finally decided to plump with Nexus again for an easy life rather than the excitement of playing with a new OS, they have fluffed the ordering process yet again...

Do we know for sure that coming soon means sold out and not 'we put thenm on sale too soon'? Because the debate in my head just started up all over again....

I'm sure they'll make more stock available. I will order mine once this frenzy is over... Hopefully gets shipped before Christmas though.....

Wonder if this is a technical hitch, as they re-appear and then disappear from the store.

Would be great to get something official from the Mothership

i ordered mine at around 8:30 (nexus 4 8gb) only just got the order confirm email now and looking at 'my account' on google play the shipping date is 15th november

hoping for the best but i am kinda expecting its going to get cancelled or moved to pre order

I have no idea when orders will be accepted in the USA and that is annoying, but it is just a device, so I guess I cannot complain all that much.

What does annoy me almost more so than not having a clue when I can actually buy a new thing (phone/game/electronic/etc) are tech blogs rushing to buy them along with us average peon consumers.

As I see it, Tech Blogs (at least Android centered ones) have at least 1 pre-release Nexus 4 in house and that should be enough (your reviews are all in).

I realize some are being purchased to facilitate give aways (which does drive traffic to your sites) but that it is less important IMHO than average users who just wants to own a new device. As I see it, most people are not going to win a device from a site, so wait and give the average user a chance to purchase.

Than when stock levels are higher, buy a device or two to give away, it seems only fair. IMHO rather than taking stock away from your readers (YOU GUYS HAVE DEVICES ALREADY)allow us to have first dibs.

Lastly, Google is a huge company and I kind of am surprised that the ordering process is going this badly, when huge companies try and do cute stuff with the ordering, like "breakfast time", it seems innocent enough, but it causes headaches to the average customer which can in fact have the opposite effect, instead of building good will it can turn customers off when they attempt to purchase the device and either it is still not available for sale or it is sold out already because the customer has no idea when the device officially goes on sale (and it is just not feasable for everybody to keep checking the play store every X amount of time to see if anything has changed regarding its sales status).


I thought I had ordered this morning, but it just kept spinning at the final hurdle after I click BUY NOW. I don't know if it went through or not - I doubt it now.

I'm on a 72MBPS connection and I got nowhere. That was shambolic, honestly - how long did they have to plan this? It's shaken my faith in Google a bit. Back looking at the 92 now. I'm not being used as a pawn for advertising - I get the feeling they want "sold out" headlines.

Also, it seems like there was no limit to devices numbers purchased per person, so the scalpers probably all came in and bought hundreds, which will now appear on eBay at hugely inflated prices. Two per person sorts that out, and gives the average man a chance. Pretty pissed off.

This sounds like typical Google. Nexus 7, ARM Chromebook, and now the Nexus 4. They either want the "We sold out!" press buzz or they just can't run a launch. Maybe they need to steal a few Apple employees to learn how it's done. I'm betting that it'll be just as bad here in the U.S. The sad thing will be that thousands will probably be purchased by the people who were complaining from day one that not having LTE was a dealbreaker... Obviously not. At least now us in the 'States have some advance warning.

What a disaster this launch is. I asked Google play to notify me when nexus 4 is available.
I was at work when I received the email saying blah blah blah available from £239*. So I'm on my phone nexus s clicking buy now and the stupid thing drops me into Google play app on my phone, which by the way does not have devices section. So I am pissed I manually enter Google play in browser, ding nexus 4 and as soon as I click on 16gb version I get transfered to Google play app on my phone. Then I go back to browser I notice that Google lay doesn't even have them f***ers in store.
Is this some mind of the joke?
Are they trying to compete against apple or what? Why release a phone with stock numbers in 10s instead of 1000s or more? Why make buying process such a pain in the arse?

Actually Europe has over 500k units to sell. Considering this device will sell around a few million a week. What do you expect?

There's no way they had anywhere near even the lowest expectations of stock. This has "Apple queues" written all over it.


I feel as though(coming from an average consumer) that problems involving check out were inevitable seeing how this is problem the biggest/most anticipated Google product release I've ever noticed. Apple struggled in their earlier phases with releases (or maybe that's just how I saw it), and Nike, arguably the biggest sportswear company in the world, struggles with huge shoe releases every few months.
Nevertheless, Apple and Nike have improved via experience. Sure, Google should have prepared better after being able to witness other companies handle releases with both good and bad results, but it's still a learning experience for them.

I bet Google used the other countries, so they could anticipate how to do a successful launch in the U.S. I predict that the US launch will go smoothly. :-)

The US have an completely different carrier system... In Europe a lot of people are buying their devices unlocked and the carriers dont have too much on an impact, but I guess that's not true for the US ;)

Everyone needs to calm down. US release isn't for another 1 hour and 45 minutes or so...They didn't sell out here. Relax...

Read the name of the topic. It does say EU. Everyone knows US launch is later.
The problem is the launch itself in Europe. They notify it is available and next minute it is already not. What happened to pre-order system? Why is Google not using it? Would be easier to predict the demand.

You are right but whose not to say that the same thing will happen here in the US and the next thing you know your a proud new owner of 10 nexus 4's and 5 nexus 10's and then you need to take out a second mortgage?? :)

Everything was flawless, processing took like 20 seconds.

I had the auto refresh chrome extension active on a background chrome windows so I was noticed in less than 15 seconds. Now lets hope everybody get served.

Your purchase will complete momentarily ...

After multiple attempts it was placed at 11:58. Receipt landed in the inbox as well.

Ordered mine 11:44a Eastern lol. The trick is open multiple tabs and refresh until the Google Wallet box pops up. If not, GOOD LUCK beating out the thousands of other people waiting to purchase.

Ok, why the hell does keep saying "Coming soon"?!? If it's already out of stock, just tell us so I can stop pressing F5 like a mad man!

A lot of people didn't know the phone will be available 30-40 minutes before 12p. Luckily I was near my desk at work and checked anyway around 11:35a, I saw the 8GB first then 16GB came up after a refresh then I jumped on that. It's sad a lot of people will miss out on the first wave...

Jesse813 is right. Just to see if there is some type of glitch, I kept refreshing and the "Add to Cart" showed, now I'm at the shopping cart screen. Keep pressing F5 and be patient don't over press it as you might refresh the screen to buy. GOOD LUCK Guys! FYI, I did this at 1:26p Eastern Time!