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Promises better battery life for users with location reporting enabled

Google is pushing out the 4.1 version of Google Play Services, and with it comes a few nice changes. 

First off — and most important to many — is the promise of better battery life if you have location services enabled. Many users see pretty rough battery life while using location services, even if you don't. This is a known issue that Google is always fighting with — we want out phones to do a lot , and that takes juice. Finding the balance point is tough.

Another new feature is turn-based multiplayer support for developers who build games that require it. Turn data is saved in the users Google account, and the service supports 2 - 8 players. Also there is a new and optional animation when Play services load for gaming, to help contextualize things.

Next up is the developer preview of the Google Drive API. Developers can now read and write files in the users Google Drive account, and common assets like UI components and file dialogs are available.

Rounding out the changes, Google+ sharing is now easier, with better autocomplete and suggested contacts when sharing to Google+ from a Play Services connected app, and some new advertising networks are supported.

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Google Play Services 4.1 pushing out now


This would be on you- You choose to accept app permissions before install and updating apps.

Not really. Dropbox has a separate pin you can add to keep your stuff secure. A pin option should be available on your phone with google drive.

Awesome news! Hey Jerry I think you meant location reporting (it currently says "Promises better battery life for users with notification reporting enabled")

Just wait. Installing Google Play Services apks had caused problems for lots of people in the past.

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Well this is good news re: battery life.

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Turn based support :) someone call the developers of civilization and get them here asap

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Speaking of battery life has anyone with a Galaxy Note II have their battery life take dump after the jellybean 4.3 update?

I'm running N3bula rom (4.3 MJ9 base) and I can barely eek out 12 hours, where it was usual to get 16+ on 4.1.2. I'm still happy to have the features of 4.3,but I'm really craving my old battery life. Can't wait for the new Play Services update.

It hasn't been horrible but it did take a small decrease and the funny thing is that google play services is running a lot more on my phone than it did on 4.1. Of course I switched to a custom rom so things are a little better.

Hope it pushes out really, really soon to my Galaxy Nexus.

Play Services is eating my battery alive tonight. The good news is that I confirmed it's not yet at 4.1, so there is still hope that improvement may be coming.

You have to scroll down to Google Play Services and it has the most recent as 4.1. It looks OK but haven't installed myself yet. If anyone does and has success, let us know.

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Just downloaded it, im not seeing it anymore in my battery stats. Hoeray!

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That doesn't mean anything at all.

Matter of fact, notice that the instant you install it and reboot, that Google Play Services disappears from your battery. So basically battery's telling me that despite that service sucking a good bit of my battery the past 24 hrs or so, it's suddenly not drained ANY?

Beware of how things like that work. I'm not saying that it's not going to improve battery life, but the fact that it disappeared from stats tells me that they either intentionally kept it from being displayed, or something else is going on and it gets reset due to the update.

Sounds like they just wanted it to disappear, or maybe it's averaged in with some services, so it isn't there to have people cry about it.

Which is a shame, it actually used more power than everyone wished it would, this doesn't help anything.

Google seems to be bundling a lot of battery usage into "Android OS." It's the biggest user of my battery most of the time now.

Does this get updated automatically? And is it something that hits all carriers or do we have to wait for them bastards to push it out?

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This does get updated automatically and it will hit every Android device regardless of carrier. The update is a slow rollout though so it may take up to a few weeks or a month to hit every device in the world.

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Ok thanks I didn't know if it was like a regular app update or it was something that each carrier had to approve before it was pushed out.

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That's good news, maybe Google services won't use 37 minutes of GPS the first 2 hours I have it at work.

I still haven't got the update but everyday I check the play store the date changes, Yesterday it was 13 Jan 2014, today is 14 Jan 2014 and so on. They probably still fixing stuff....