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Google to stop accepting payments for Argentine developers from June 27, apps to be pulled from July 27.

Android developers based in Argentina have received notice from Google that it'll no longer be able to accept payments for them from June 27. A letter from Google to devs, obtained by South American phone site Celularis, indicates that the changes apply to both paid apps and in-app purchases. The Verge points out that the change is likely due to tough new restrictions on currency exchanges recently imposed by the Argentine government. But Celularis notes that despite the changes to Google Play, Google AdSense for mobile continues to operate in the country.

The letter from Google states that it'll stop accepting payments on behalf of Argentine developers from June 27. Paid apps and in-app items from these devs will be pulled a month later, starting July 27, following final payments on July 22. One solution for Argentina-based app developers is to move their account to another country where they're able to legally do business, an option Google itself suggests in its email to developers.

Google states that it hopes to restore payouts to developers based in Argentina in the future, but that "no specific plans are in place at the moment."

Source: Celularis; via: The Verge


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Google Play no longer able to pay Argentine Android devs


Wow... I am Argentinian... So, everybody hate me?... Why??
Can I know your nationality? Then I can hate your country (just kidding)

I know a few Americans who have moved to and work in Argentina, including my best friend's brother. There is no reason to hate Argentina that I know of.

Wow! WTH? All this will do is cause a massive programmer exodus from Argentina. Are they trying to shoot themselves in the foot?

Did you read what it said? This isn't Google's fault, all they're doing is following Argentina's new law(s). For Google this is a Catch 22, either lose some devs or get into trouble with Argentina.

I read that silverfang was referring to Argentina. Eitber way, its a forehead slap for those working to make that place known for something aside from its petroleum industry. LOL Atgentina, indeed. If there was ever a sign to move if you have any brains at all, this is it.

Sounds like Argentina is being run by crazy liberals who are running business away, similar to California, and France.

The grammatical errors in this article make my head hurt. And where is Argentine? Even the headline makes no sense. Please review, then post. Thanks.

In all fairness this is a very respectable tech website and they probably should make their headlines make some sense before publishing the article.

Funny because to me it makes enough sense aside from missing a "to" though everyone makes mistakes. Took me a while to find it because I have enough brain cells to think that it's there.
And if anyone is stupid enough to not understand "Argentine" as in from Argentina,....

Maybe use some of those "extra" brain cells to actually get the point of what I was saying. Unless that's a little too difficult to compute for your obviously far superior brain.

If you are going to call someone out for grammatical errors, it would probably be wise to have a little understanding of what you are talking about first. Argentine is a valid adjective describing something or someone from Argentina. Just like the word American would describe something from America...

Argentine may be fine for describing a person from Argentina, but it is not the name of the country.

From the very first sentence in the article:

"Android developers based in Argentine..."

Try arguing that that's not a typo. And considering it's the fifth word in the whole article, not buried in the middle, it's kind of a big typo.

sometimes you gotta realize, that Alex is British, for me I just assume that's how they must say it in Britain and move on. The other day he said "surmise", and I was gonna correct him and say "It's summarize you idiot", but then i discovered surmise its an acceptable word I hadn't heard before.
so i then was like, wow I learn a new word. all thanks to Mr. Dobie.

Lol, you're trying to correct someone else's grammar yet you yourself don't know what an Argentine is? Look it up.

Argentina was a sanctuary for fleeing Nazi war criminals after World War 2. They harbored some of the most ruthless and brutal Nazi officers under Adolf Hitler. Although being essentially cut off from Google Play is really insignificant in the grand scheme of things, it's all karma. There's my opinion from left field lol

That was 60-some years ago. Most of the people responsible should be dead by now. Either "karma" is running a little late, or that's a bunch of BS.

Well, in the USA we have "Affirmative Action" which is basically meant to compensate for the slavery, segregation, and discrimination imposed by our ancestors.

So yeah we're being punished for our parents' sins too.