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Update: It looks as though we pulled the trigger a little early on thinking authorized devices were limited in the "smartphone" category. After adding 6+ phones to our account, we were still able to stream music on all of them. The post has been updated to reflect this.

Original story: Google Play Music is picking up an update starting today to version 5.6, which includes a few subtle interface changes and some clarity on how authorized GP Music devices are handled. To be clear, this isn't the Material Design-inspired new version of Play Music, but there's still plenty of time for that to arrive and we'll never scoff at a round of subtle improvements to a popular app.

The big change here is to how Google Play Music is now handling "authorized" devices that can connect and play music from a single account. Under the "my devices" area of the settings you'll see the same layout of phones, tablets and computers as before, with the "X" by each one to deauthorize it, but now you'll see phones broken out into their own section from other devices (though some phones we've attached don't seem to filter into the phone category correctly). Google is still allowing 10 total devices be authorized to your account, regardless.

On the design side, swiping in the left-edge panel offers the now-standard Google Account switcher at the top, and a new toggle to switch over to on-device (they call it "downloaded") music only further down — a setting that was previously kept in a selector in the top action bar. (You'll also note that the "Explore" tab grays out when you switch to on-device music, as you can't stream anything.) There's also a new bit of nicer artwork in the download queue section of the settings when you're all done downloading — a little glimpse at some of the simpler Material Design artwork, really.

Be sure to pick up the latest update to Google Play Music from the Play Store link above.


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Google Play Music updated with small UI changes, clarity on authorized devices


Love this for my music. Pity it's overshadowed by the likes of Spotify. I don't know one other person that uses GP Music unfortunately

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I switched because of the slight savings being an early adopter Google afforded. Both had all the music I wanted.

I use it! Am streaming an instant mix right now. Blue Murder! Rock on!

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There's gonna be a riot, in the valley of the kings, and they will be murder
Posted while eating a jelly roll

I prefer Google Music over everything else. Just wish it was gap less audio and it didn't drain battery so much.

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Pin your frequently played music, and your battery usage disappears. But even without that, Google Play Music is no worse than any other music service.
You use to be able to pin individual tracks, now you can only pin entire albums.

I wish I could get rid of Listen Now, because I'm never going to subscribe to that, and its right up at the top, in prime real estate.

While its true they removed the pin from single songs, unless i am mistaken, when you "add to my library" It saves the song on the device. At least when i change the top option from "All music" to "on device" then put my phone in to airplane mode the songs still play.

It caches recently played music, even single songs.
Which is nice, till you do't listen to a cut for a week, and then expect it to still be on your device, but its no longer in cache because of all that other music you listened to in the meantime.

Create a playlist of songs you want on that device. Pin that playlist on the device. Then whenever you want to pin a song, add it to that playlist as well as adding it to your library. GPM will then auto download that song when allowed. Once it's on the device, it will use the local version regardless of how you access it (playlist, library, shuffle).

if your phone is rooted you could install xposed framework and then install an xposed module to bypass the Listen Now tab. its called "google play music listen later" and lets you pick what section the app opens in. the default playlist to open and a few other options as well

Me too, but I'm not getting my hopes up. Was told by Google that it is an LG problem and that if a fix comes it will be from their end.

+1 G2 owner here and the music playback errors are so annoying. If it is not fixed soon, I am moving to Spotify reluctantly :(

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You mean the retarded, overly excruciating, and maddening bug where music suddenly stops playing and errors out for no apparent reason?

I tolerate it mostly, though I use my old GNex as a music player at work, and that covers most of the time. I like my G2, but this is damn annoying. Might push me not to get the G3 since LG seems to have a history of this problem and isn't fixing it. What's worse is it was fine before the kitkat update, so you know they CAN fix it. I won't drop the service, though. I too got the early adopter discount, and furthermore it's handy on more than just my G2. Also from the web at my desk or at home on the N7. A killer feature it has that nobody mentioned is uploading your own music to your library which can mix in with the service's offerings. I don't think Spotify or anybody else does that.

"we'll never scoff at a round of subtle improvements to a popular app." do realize where you are, right?

Been using GPM All Access since it was released as a preview ($7.99/mo, suck it!). Still no Metallica last time I checked though (other than the Black Album).

Say what?

I have I have several Led Zeppelin albums uploaded, and they have been there for most of a year.
I suspect you deleted them yourself.

My amazon download target is the same directory as my Google Play upload directory. I never listen via the Amazon app.

Isn't that the beauty of GMAA? If it's not available, you can upload it to their cloud and it's seamlessly integrated into GPMAA so all music is in one place.

And frankly, if you didn't own Metallica and Led Zepplin on CD or MP3 before GPMAA....

$7.99 club as well! XD Fun fact. I have canceled it a few times. And the price still remains 7.99, But yes no metallica sucks =(

It shuffles in a sense that every song beginning with a "P" will play, with random songs on between, the followed by songs beginning with "Q" and so on

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So... alphabetical shuffle of sorts? haha
I've never bothered to actually figure out how it shuffles. Interesting.

Seems as valid a way to shuffle as any.

The interface quirkyness is my biggest complaint. I wish they would follow their own design guides.

So in nyc and every time I am on the train I glance at the phones around playing music. Google Play music is on majority of devices.

If Google maps would let me do option for complete offline maps for areas along with gpmaa I could live on 10/month republic wireless plan

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Anyone have the issue where songs suddenly restart half way through the song, it's been happening to like 75% of all my songs, it's on Wi-Fi and data, and even with songs that are on the device.

I tried deleting cache/app data/ updates/ restarted my device, nothing works.

I loved this app for music until the latest update to Android on my HTC One M7. Now it won't stream or download music from the cloud via WiFi. And photos won't backup to Drive via WiFi. Google says they know about the problem, but when will it be fixed? ...Silence....

My LG g2 has the same problems. Been using a m8 and fine on there

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I love Google play music all access but noticed more albums recently not available to add or if the new album is there it contains one track! New Coldplay and compilations albums come to mind.

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I wish they would make it easier to change my music back to the explicit versions that they changed to clean versions. That is so upsetting and I don't understand why they can't fix it.

From the website, click the three dots next to the song, and there's an option to correct match or something like that. I forget what it says exactly.

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Don't want to say it's fixed the G2 bug but I'm on 2 days without one pause. Keeping fingers crossed.

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For me the big improvement from the update is that they made shuffling so much easier. You used to have to click through 5 steps (Artists-->Alicia Keys-->All My Songs-->Options-->Shuffle) to shuffle an artist. That's obviously insane. Now, in either the Artists or Albums view, you can click on options in lower right corner of the icon and shuffle is an option. That was always one of inexplicable design flaws that drove me crazy.