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App available for installation, and new $85 set of earbuds are ready to go with

A few weeks back we first saw Google play Music running on Google Glass, and today it all gets made official. Glass users can go to their MyGlass page, or open their Android app, and you'll find Google Play Music available to install through normal channels. 

You'll need to uninstall the old version if you ventured the courage to side load it, but after that you'll be able to listen to both your own music library and Google play Music All Access right from your Glass.

To get the full effect, Google is also offering a premium pair of earbuds designed to work with Glass. They promise crisp, full range audio and come with five different color caps. You'll be able to find them on your GetGlass page.

Overall, things run about as well as you would expect a version one product to run. Animations are a little stuttery, and we'd love to see separate volume sliders for device sounds and music, but the stream seems to run as well as it would on your phone. We'll have a better look, err listen when our earbuds get here.

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Google Play Music now officially in Glassware


$85 for the ear buds??? Google surely are out to fleece people of their money. Can regular earphones or headphones work with the device?

Posted via Nexus 7 (2013)

Glass has a bone conduction speaker just behind the right ear, where the battery is. The audio quality isn't the best, which is why the earbuds are so desirable.

I've had issues hearing others while taking phone calls through Glass.

Reading is fundamental. As pointed out in the article above, there are a set of stereo earbuds that Google sells that work with the MicroUSB port in Glass to let you listen to music :) .

I've also heard other USB headsets work.

My point being that if you read the article you'd have your answer before you even asked the question :) .

Posted via Android Central App

I know there are headphones being sold for the thing. But other than the headphones, how is there sound? That's not in the article. That's what I was asking.

Posted via Android Central App

What we have to read these things? Most read the headline and post 'nexus FTW'

So where is the competition for the Note 3? Oh right there isn't any...

They clearly want to have very few people "beta testing" the Glass, and now its (first?) official accessory. Overcharging is one way of doing it. Brutal, but effective.

Considering how much I use Play Music I'm not sure why I didn't sideload it at any point... but it's good to see it officially listed as Glassware.

I want an app that will let other users of Google Glass see and optionally hear what I'm listening to as I walk past them.