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A new update to the Google Play Music app for Android is rolling out this morning with a couple of new playlist-related features. Update to the new Play Music version 5.5.1509O adds the ability to edit and share your playlists from directly within the app, two things users were previously only able to through the web interface. After updating you'll find both options in the overflow menu next to each playlist.

Hit the "My Apps" section in the Play Store to see if your update is ready.


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Google Play Music app updated with playlist editing and sharing


I wonder if this has any bug fixes as well, recently the app has started playing up. It has removed all the tracks from almost all of my playlists and continues to do so to any new ones I make. I find it very frustrating as playlists are what I predominantly listen to.

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I've noticed a few playlist bugs recently too, hopefully should be better in this release

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Larger text for length of song and time would be great. Especially on the tablet.

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For some reason I cant get used to Google play music i the only one? I like the Samsung music player better..I think it looks cleaner and more simple. .and of course I wish apple would stop being assholes and would share their itunes on a nice android app.
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I love Google music for the ability to sync to all devices wirelessly. However when is Google going to fix the volume issue on their Nexus devices? Media volume for movies and music is ridiculously low on my Nexus 5 and Nexus 7. I hear Viper for android is great, but I moved to the Nexus line to get away from having to rooting my devices. Come on Google fix this already! Oh, and while you're at it bring back separate ringer/notification volumes. Thread highjack over.

They fixed it on Nexus 5 way back in January. If you still have issues, you might need to do a factory reset. If that's still not good enough, sorry, you've hit the max for the speaker's capabilities. You can try custom kernels to increase the gain, but you'll only end up damaging the speaker.

I mean headset volume, not speaker. I have numerous buds and headphones, all are very quiet at max volume, but work fine on other mobile devices.

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I wish Google would incorporate a sleep timer to the music app, I like to listen to all access while going to sleep and it doesn't shut off. Right now I use Tune in pro because of it's sleep timer.

Try Simple Sleeptimer app. It's free, very simple to use and you can use it for ANY media player. I use it with Google music.

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Now if only changes to playlists made via the web would actually sync to android, and visa versa! Been awhile since I tested it, but previously if I added a song on the web interface, it wouldn't be synced on my device (ie - I still had to add it on the device). I KNOW I still have issues with "thumbs up/down" syncing in the same way.

Anyone else have these issues?

It takes a few minutes but it always syncs for me. It's not instantaneous because Google tries to package up several changes into one push to your phone for better performance and battery.

This is driving me insane as same problem and when I move songs on my phone within the playlist, seconds later randomly the song has gone back to where it was moved from. My web google play music and phone playlist of the same name wont sync and I have no idea why :-(

Massive shame and this needs a fix ASAP

Playlist editing has been a part of the mobile app for as long as I could remember, in that you could drag tracks around to reorder the playlist. It's just that your changes would be reverted as soon as the app refreshed/synced with your account. Has this FINALLY been fixed?

My nexus 7 2nd gen sound quality has changed after the google music app update..i always turn off the equalizer thouwgh i noticed after the update..or is it just me?lol