Google Play Movies offline

We're keeping an eye on the Google-Intel Chrome OS livestream, and this little nugget just dropped:

Google Play Movies will be available offline on Chrome OS later this year.

That'll help with the major criticism with Chrome OS — that the web browser-turned laptop becomes all but useless without an Internet connection. That's never been 100 percent true, of course, but neither is it completely false. And being able to watch movies offline is a huge step in the right direction.

The new Google Play Movies Chrome app will be available "over the next several weeks."


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Google Play Movies soon will be accessible offline for Chrome OS


...iTunes only does download. No streaming with their shows and movies. At least play movies is for all devices (except windows)

The question is though will you be able to use Chromecast with offline movies. You can't on tablets or phones. Maybe they'll do it for Chromebook

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You can Chromecast offline movies now using AllCast. Just depends on the format of the movie you have on your phone.

In fact, for Chromebook, I have several movies I keep on a USB key for travel. I ripped them all from DVD.

So, question. If I had a Chromebook and a movie on an sd card I couldn't watch that movie currently?

I think they're saying that on play movies you can only stream now. But you'll be able to download for later viewing with this update.

You can do this today on a Chromebook. The difference is that you'll now be able to download them from Google Play Movies.

Sound great, finally can justify the 320GB HD on my C 710, other than Linux.

Enjoyed seeing the new devices on stage, as I haven't had a chance to see them in person.

Weird question: why was the stage so dark in the area of the devices? LOL

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Hopefully they can be downloaded in HD for offline viewing because at the moment streaming is only in SD on the chromebook.

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You can already watch movies offline today with Chromebook. You have first to download by any means to your Chromebook.
You can cast movies to Chromecast using the Videostream chrome extension.

Casting a offline movie is easy. Drag the movie to the browser, then cast that tab to Chromecast. Done. Video stream has firewall issues...