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Google Play Movies llega a México

Google has pushed the button and made Google Play Movies live in Mexico. Users south of the border can now rent or purchase select movies, and view them on their Android devices or on the web. Last week we saw the launch of Google Play Books in Mexico, and we're glad to see Google able to provide their content services to more and more countries. 

We've no word on when further Google content will be made available in Mexico, or any other regions where it's currently unavailable. We assume there are teams at work all over the globe figuring out the licensing and regulations in order to deliver all of Google Play's content to anyone who wants it.

If the Movies & TV application is not installed on your Android device, you can grab it at the Google Play link above. 

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Google Play Movies now available in Mexico


Nice! now all we need is a decent internet speed connection (on mobile carriers) to watch the movies.

That's the problem with a third world country...

Don't know where you live, but I'm getting pretty decent speeds here in MTY... I can stream a full movie at a decent resolution on 3G and stream HD without a hiccup using Telcel's 4G (I've heard Iusacell's and Nextel's network is good at times, too...)