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Google Movies & TV today got visual refresh that also takes away another third of the functionality of the already defunct Nexus Q.

First, the important stuff: The app got a new layout and design that brings it more in line with Google's other apps, borrowing from the likes of Gmail and Google Play. The new navigation drawer is your portal to "Watch Now," which tries to predict what you'll want to see next, along with "My Movies," "My TV Shows" and "Shop," which takes you to Google Play. There's a shortcut in the overflow menu that'll take you to videos that you've shot with your phone or tablet, which is nice.

And now, the slightly disappointing part.

For the six of us who have a Nexus Q, Google has killed compatibility. First we lost Google Music with the All Access update, and now we lose Movies. All that remains is YouTube, and we wouldn't hold out much hope for that guy. (On the other hand, that Music isn't the only service to be cut off perhaps gives hope — fleeting or otherwise — that something other than record labels is to blame for the disappearing act and perhaps we'll see a rebirth down the road. Boy can dream.)

Get your upgrade on in Google Play, or at the link above.


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Google Play Movies gets a new look, drives another nail in Nexus Q's coffin


You do know the overflow is the button with the three verticle dots on the top right of the app, right? It isn't the slide in menu.

I kinda assumed it since there are no other menus. But still, I don't see it on GS4 (which has a capacitive menu button but it shouldn't matter)

You know, I really was regretting not pre-ordering a Q (and getting one for free) when All Access came out. I've been using (since well before Android was a shipping product) AirTunes (now AirPlay or whatever) using iTunes and my computer and my Airport Express.

Until All Access, it wasn't a big deal what the music was being served off of (Mac with iTunes or Nexus with Google Music) since the music library was the same. Now, I've stopped buying new albums and just pay for All Access, but that means... I can't play music I pay for wirelessly.

C'mon, Google. I've got a problem and cash, and you've got the ability to make a solution.

I am in the same boat as you, but there are now some options. There is an AirPlay app in the Play store for streaming your phone audio to an AirPlay device (I am on an HTC One which of course, says its not compatible so I havent had a chance to play with it), but on my Mac I just choose the AirPort Express as my audio output device and it streams just fine.

Call me crazy but it would be really cool if Google did some sort of All Access pass for TV and movies like they did with music to rival services like Netflix and hulu. Or some sort of Google Play all access where it included music TV books and magazines all in one monthly payment.

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True but something close to Netflix where maybe not all titles were available but more than others and Google would probably be able to supply it at a better price than others.

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