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The gradual worldwide spread of Google Play content wrote another chapter today. The Google Play Magazines application has received an update which brings with it availability in Australia. Magazines was one of the additions to the Google Play content portfolio following the launch of the Nexus 7, and while the tablet becomes available in more and more markets, sadly the content is slow in following. 

Additionally, users outside of Australia will benefit from todays update. We're promised a "significant performance improvement for all devices." in particular relating to page turning. Performance improvements are always welcome improvements. 

If you're a reader down under, why not hit up the comments below and let us know how you're finding the new service. 


Reader comments

Google Play Magazines updated, now available in Australia


Doesn't look like. One of the main reasons I got a Nexus 7 for. Would of thought magazines would of come by now.

This is interesting. Google Play Magazines is now available in Australia, but I can't open the magazine I bought.

When I try to, it says I need the latest version of the magazines app, but when I visit the app's page in the Play store, there's no update button. I also can't find the app in my app drawer, so I can't uninstall and reinstall.


Exactly the same for me tells me I need the app but won't let me install it on the device. doesn't get it after all :)

Heh I just went to the play store (on my pc) and tried to install it remotely it said I could install it fine to any device including my nexus 7 so I clicked install it then downloaded and installed (saw it doing it in the status bar) but still doesn't show up on the device I guess its geo locked still on the device it self maybe we need android 4.1.2 which still isn't showing up here
Weird thing now is instead of having blank options in the play store for it (on the device) I now have the ability to uninstall it even though it doesn't show up anywhere lol :)

Fail google fail

Well turns out it works fine on my galaxy nexus so I guess the original apk on my nexus 7 is causing the issue

Well turns out I'm right using root explorer too remove the pre installed apk and rebooting then let's me install it from the play store and run the app just fine on my nexus 7

Australian poster here. Nice that we got magazines, but the content is severely lacking. There are only 23 magazines at the moment and they're all local Australian magazines. I wanted to subscribe to international magazines, but that's not available at the moment.

Still good to see though. Now the wait for Google Music.