A set of apps that show off the highest quality of design and function on Android today

Every so often Google Play will put up "collections" of apps that fall into a certain genre or fit with a current season or holiday. This time the Android Design Team is taking time to highlight 11 apps that have taken design to the next level with the "Beautiful Design Summer 2013 Collection". In a blog post detailing the criteria for the collection, the team explains what makes an app "beautiful":

"Transitions are fast and clear, layout and typography are crisp and meaningful, and design touches that delight you in surprising ways are sprinkled throughout."

They have made up a list of 11 apps that exemplify these ideals -- Pattrn, Pocket, Timer, Eye in Sky Weather, NY Times, Grand St., Pinterest, Press, Expedia, Flipboard and TED -- of what great Android design looks like. And that doesn't mean that every one of these apps follows Android's Design Guidelines pixel-for-pixel, either. They're called guidelines and not requirements for a reason, because Google thinks that it is possible to make an app feel coherent to the Android aesthetic while still keeping its own personality.

The team encourages all Android developers to take a look at these apps to get a feel for the design details necessary to "separate good apps from great ones." For users, you may want to grab a download of some of these as great examples of what is possible with Android apps today.

Beautiful Design Collection on Google Play

Source: Android Developers Blog


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Google Play highlights great apps with the 'Beautiful Design Collection'


good to see Google pushing good design. I never install bad looking apps.
I also look for tablet optimized apps. There is always an option

They should add Pocket Casts to that. Its design is why I chose it over BeyondPod (and the price). Since coming to Android via the S4 2 weeks ago, I noticed a lack of coherence in Android apps. Some use the menu button to get to settings, others use the 3 dots, others use a gear. It's confusing to a newbie.

That's somewhat Samsung's fault for insisting on keeping the menu button, but there are still apps that don't use the action bar.

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+1 for Pocket Casts. Great app from a great dev team, and extremely well designed. I believe they were guests on the Iterate design podcast a little while ago.

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I would put Path in there too. I do not have an extensive social network via Path, but I use it just because I love the interface and aesthetics.

"They're called guidelines and not requirements for a reason"

Tell that to the autistic pedants roaming these very woods.

There are a few more apps that weren't mentioned. Apps like " PicsArt ", " NowThisNews ", " ShowYou ", " RockMelt ", " Stitcher ", " SoundWave " have great UI's, just to name a few. If developers can consistently bring these high-quality, dynamically functioning apps to the Android experience, then Android would effectively rob Apple of any software advantage that it clearly has at this point. And I'm speaking in terms of the hardware-software optimization that Apple has nailed due to the longer life span of IOS. I am currently a proud owner of a Galaxy S4 that I find to be an, overall, awesome device. With that being said, I feel that if the software ran more efficient with its hardware, it would be a beast that would put Apple's current products far behind the curve. So, in my opinion, software really should be at the core of Android's focus to really secure the innovative lead it has on Apple. Good, stable, (EXCLUSIVE!) apps are a great start. -Yaboi_Butch

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I imagine some apps weren't mentioned so they can update the lsit from time to time. In short, they are saving them for later.