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The Google Play Games app got an update this afternoon that largely tightens things up in the visual department.

You can now see requests and gifts from friends in the same place. And the overall look has been updated as well, bringing it more in line with what you're used to in, say, Google+. Plus there are some stability improvements, Google says, along with bugfixes.

You can download the update directly from Google Play. Just hit the link above.

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rap1 says:

I wish this would save game progress across devices.

It does that if the game supports it. I can resume rymdkapsel on another device for instance.

rap1 says:

Good to know. I guess Temple Run 2 doesn't support it. It doesn't keep my points and gems and objectives in sync.

Every achievement you earn on google play games should have a score to it just like xbox live

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Jamookie says:

I just want it to save my progress in games without having to share it with the rest of the world.