Google celebrates Spider-Man 2 with amazing savings on Spider-Man franchise

Google Play is celebrating the early release of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie in the store. In lieu of a party, Google is offering special deals and discounts across the franchise. Earlier movies start at just $7.99 to own and there are other Spider-Man content as well, including comics, games, and more. Google has also released a 10-minute trailer of the new film.

Are you a Spider-Man fan? What shows or movies are you looking to purchase through Google's latest promo? Be sure to hit the source links below to get in on the savings.

Source: Google and Google Play


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Google Play celebrates Spider-Man 2 release with savings across Spider-Man franchise


Fav superhero of all time. Still got an Amazing Spiderman Poster on my wall, need to get 2 as well.

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I like the new leg of the franchise. I hated Tobey Mcguire as him. Garfield is perfect as Parker, almost perfect as Spiderman.

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