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Google tossed out an update to Google Play Books this evening, making it a whole lot better by fixing "over 90" issues, allowing users in India to be able to install and use the app, and finally tossing in some UI improvements. While they don't go into any detail about the 90 issues that were addressed they do tell us that they added a drop-down menu in the library to filter books by type, and now place names are identified on the current page when the controls are up and showing. Of course, support for India and the growing smart phone user base there is huge, and long overdue.

What wasn't addressed is the lack of the ability to import your own DRM-free books. Until that happens this is one I'll hide in my app drawer, no matter how great the app is. Hit Google Play to update or click the Google Play link above.

Thanks, Anshi!


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Google Play Books updated; Now available in India and 'over 90' issues fixed


In the context of India, great! But there's still music, movies and devices to go! And the last one is probably the one most are really looking forward to and losing patience with.

It's a shame I can't import my own books because the animations and smoothness of the app is really awesome.

It's all good but the biggest issue I have with G Books is that I cannot buy other language books in USA. Seriously, if you already have them in Russia, why can't I just select "Russian books" from some option and buy those?

This is the ONLY reason I am not using G Books. I don't want to maintain 2 separate libraries.

Google Play Books is by far the best ereader app for android. I am an avid reader and I have tried basically all of them on my Nexus 7. If anyone is interested Mantano Ebook Reader Premium is the closest runner up.

It is such a shame that marketing decisions stop actual android devices from being as good as they can be.

I'm guessing there is no hope that Google will ever change its mind about users importing their own books. Even Amazon, lover of proprietary formats, lets you import other books into the kindle app...