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Google Play Libros han llegado a Mexico!

Google has expanded the Play Store south of the border, and now Google Play Books is available in Mexico. Mexicans can now access thousands of titles, including both Mexican favorites and international staples. If you're a book lover, be sure to check them out from your phone's Google Play app, or on the web.

You'll need the Google Play Books application if your phone doesn't already have it installed, and you can get it from the Google Play link above.

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Google Play books now live in Mexico


Finally, I hope that this is just a step in bringing all the other google services that we still lack (music, movies, etc)

I know it has to do with licensing deals rather than Google's business model, but maaaaan! I want Google Music to finally hit this country hehehe

I've got Netflix to fill my cinephile needs, but having more recent films available for rent wouldn't hurt either hehe

Do I need live in Mexico in order to be able to buy books in Spanish?
With Amazon I just apply two filters Language=Spanish and Format=Kindle and I can browse their entire catalog of ebooks in Spanish without problem. But in the Play Store the are no filters. It is take it (in English) out leave it. The screenshot from the Mexican store seems to be the opposite: Spanish only (is this correct)? Looks like Google is playing for the masses, with the same attitude that made me leave Apple.

Unfortunately, it's true what you say: No filters and the content you're offered in the Mexican store is mostly Spanish. There are SOME titles in English, French, and German, but most of the content, especially new one, is only available in Spanish with no option to buy the English version (most of the time, the original one).

For instance, The DaVinci Code, which is now free in the US store, cannot be accessed in the Mexican counterpart as it only offers the Spanish version and THAT is not free.

Good or bad, it's all got to do with licensing deals.